Soul Mover


Out of Place

A soft feather, Made of leather. Stuck on shoe, Stuck in the mind. A hard brush, Painting non stop. Air in colour, Breath in suspense. A gold coloured pen, Writing words from heaven. Feelings in Read More

Value of Freedom

Why should I bow, For your whims. Why should I kneel, For the dust left behind. My soul is my voice, My identity of freedom. With all my heart I love, The daily small rhythm. I refuse to be Read More

World at Large

I look at the world, In amazement and abandon. Good deeds of present, Mixing with sins of past. The war never subsides, Yet hope never dies. When a soldier departs, A small child arrives. I look at Read More

Smell of apathy

Snatching my soul, Tearing it down. Burning it full, With a loud sound. Immersion of ashes, Leap of faith. None to mock now, None to feign smile. A miserable journey, Travelling on own. God embraced Read More

Dance in the rains

I dance in the rain, With raindrops for company. Drenched in happiness, My soul knows no bounds. People stand and watch, The spectacle on the road. They do their part, For they have always done Read More

Words from Heart

Of words I write, Without boundaries. In negativity I am left, For the world in it resides. Of a pen I dance, With it jumps my soul. Into the brightness of life, Leaving grief behind. Of friends I Read More

Digital prison

O dear girl, Why did you fall! In the mobile trap, In the hard wrap. Grinning at the screen, Whom do you smile unseen. Topping the charts, Playing deftly on karts. Selfies are your hobby, Your world Read More


He had evolved, Bidding goodbye to jealousy. His tabletop had turned, Revealing his nature to world. There had been times, When his abuse reached zenith. His omnipresent temper, Had crossed the Read More

Earnest desire

I want to cuddle you, To rest your head on me. I want to feel your warmth, In the ages that pass by. I want to hear your laughter, That expression from within. Priceless as they come, A hundred gems Read More

Meeting with Death

I met death, For your sake. In the gift, I did a double take. Twenty and four, I was loud to ponder. Grey robes of silk, Hanging in curtains of red. My meeting was sudden, Effortless and Read More


I reside in your mind, Like dew on grass. Ready to be shaken off, Yet making you feel me. I reside in your mind, Like the sunrise. Tickling your face warmly, Making you glow with pride. I reside in Read More

Social obligations

To explode in moments, To implode in time. A crown for the head, A mask for the pantomime. To beseech for help, Struggling in the crowd. To lie down on the cold road, Ignored and humiliated. To Read More


Her love has left me confused, And I am unable to decide. My thoughts are in conflict, As I think about our relation. Unbounded and yet constrained, Not crossing some hurdles. The wall is riddled Read More


I am happy, For I want myself to be so. My lips are in a circle, My heart is in a leap. I am happy, For the day I am blessed with. I see world's beauty, Through my curious eyes. I am happy, For I Read More


Who is there to wait, For your idle talk. It is your soul, Often neglected. Who is there to believe, In your word's truth. It is your soul, For its true. Who is there to see, Your path destined in Read More

Nature's nature

Their story isn't mine, Mine will not resemble their's. Yet when they meet me, I feel a sense of bonhomie. Plucking the strings of my heart, They whisper in continuum. About their struggles and Read More


The flask is full, Full of sweet love. In it I swim, I swim in joy. Never had I known, The meaning of love. A flask told me so, The heat in the stove. Enchanting recurrence, Striving Read More


When were you beautiful, In the carefree eyes of your face. Jostling for equality, Yet far away from folklore. When were you devout, In the shrine of your faith. Seeking pardon for your sins, Yet Read More

Stranger in dark

Why do you reside, In the corner of my dreams. Who are you stranger, Reveal thee for me. Are you my shadow, Or my co-walker in life. The shade of vice on tree, Or the free leaves swaying. The sign of Read More


I have learnt to forgive, The maddening world of feelings. They play truant at odd times, Surging my diverse emotions. I have got crushed, From expectations not met. The longing for one to be at Read More

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