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Because, I speak with the ink.

Why do I write? Big question it is! It lays among the certain stuff that you seriously don't know how to reason. Simply because, I like it. But, is it all? Nay. • I write because it is the only Read More

Born Free

Forced study, forced mealForced smile with no feel.Forced hunger, forced thirstForced laughter, forced stress.Got trampled on by over protectionAll these Read More

How a fiend would be.

Where did you take away my merits?Where has my triumph gone?Was I always so?Or is this a way I am reborn?In my own world, now I remainEmbracing all sort of distress and Read More

Good Night Insomnia

Have a good good night insomnia!Sleep gripping your pillow tight.You've kept me up the whole of my night;Now you can sleep, the owl of my life.I had asked peace for a Read More

Our Song

And endless melancholy,A sadistic symphony.There is beauty,But, in our far off bounties.This is our song, I'm dedicating it to us.Like line spectrum there are holes in Read More

My Last Resort

Cause you are my first sight in the morningYou are the last face I see at nightWhile we are together; every momentI keep loving with all the might!You are my wishes,You are my Read More


Why did you love me,If you couldn't do that for ever?Why do you miss me,If you'll come back here never?Why did you give me these questions,If you couldn't just answer Read More

Rays Of Hope

Weeping,My head flanked by the pillows,I slept stressed out.Alone,In the dark, still night,My smile was knocked out.A soft touch,A moist peck,Awoke me in the Read More

Priceless Tears

There are moments, certain ,moments like these when all you wanna do is leave all fuck and howl out loud... When the world doesnt mattr anymore... You don't need to be with any one; no matter how Read More

Going Nowhere

Minutes, I count as my life Every moment only strife Routines and schedules, block my days Got no time for admiring my face Rush, someone might win over you Rush to get into Read More

I, now a grave

I, now a graveShout my last unheard wishWhile leaving the living remainsI cry my last complaintWhy was I punished so, my lord?A life devoid of love.A love devoid of Read More

I'll envelope myself in my solitude

I'm taking off this fake faceI'm turning down this fake smileAll my connections I'll cut off at onceI'm going ahead without a hand all my life.This world dressed in a Read More

Papa You're Still A Kid

When in rage, I see you quietly sit,I know papa, you're still a kid.I see you tryin every clotheTo dress up for a casual party.Blowing big dozes of smell;Checking your Read More

My Own Way

Like my last, I live my each day;This life is mine, I live it my own way!I'll wake up early today, tomorrow I'll be late;Whether I open the windows or close that gate.I'll chill Read More

A Certain Hangover Like This

Your life”s going perfectly well… You've got no complaints against God… You’re past has somehow stopped haunting you like it used to… All things around you are suddenly turning up to be Read More


In a state of haziness, I was smiling and speaking quite less. Bearing a cold heart, How shallow, just can't express.But, amidst the milling crowd, My senses encountered a Read More

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