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Grey's Anatomy

Few days back i watched this show on star world, it airs mon-friday 10 pm. And trust me it was the work of a genius. Absolutely brilliant.It revolves around the life of the main protagonist Read More

3 friends and a trip

10 pm friday 2nd august we (me and my two friends) started our journey from Delhi ISBT. Its our first Dalhousie trip and we were quiet excited We have hired a Tata Indigo with a Read More

Beautiful Experience.....

Its so easy nowadays to get bored from our monotonous life. Although we know we are connected to people(we don't care about) 24*7 through social media but still deep into our heart we are Read More

यूँ तो कहने को...

यूँ तो कहने को अपने हैं सभी कुछ याद आते हैं हर पलऔर कुछ याद करते नहीं Read More

Those Who Dare To Dream.....ख्वाब

इस बार समां कुछ यु होगा चाहा था जिस मंजिल कोकरीब उसके तू होगाएहमियत Read More

तेरी मेरी कहानी

उस वक़्त भी हम थे , इस पल भी हम हैं तेरे प्यार की खातिर , हर कल भी हम हैं....आज Read More

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