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Alpha Bet

The writer sat down on the floor to complete his story about words. Characters were words themselves. How some words are born, how they grow and change, how they fall in love with other words and Read More

Letter Bomb

I could hear words giggling to each other in the letter. What was so funny about resignation? It was not a dismissal order. It was a voluntary act. It was my decision - expression of my discontent. Read More

Stale Story of a Slave for Sale

The emperor paused before giving the final sentence. The slave held his head high. The royal assembly had recommended the maximum punishment. Its members were sure about the words that would come out Read More

Proud Hands

Are you not proud of yourself? When you like, dislike, unlike, tweet, retweet, untweet, post, unpost, repost, block, unblock, tag, untag, a big brother is watching you through the PRISM of Read More

Neck and Rope

Eyes. Ears. Nose. Who knows? Eyes see what the ears tell. I see what the years tell. Nose feels what the eyes tell. Noose heals not the mind's knell. The white executioner is crying beneath the Read More

SMS Hugs

Is being in love a selfish act? I love you. Does it not give more importance to 'I' and less importance to 'you'. Who is 'I'? Shekhar does not smoke weed. He does not inject stuff or gulp cough Read More

Khapped Out.

Sins occupy a very important place in men's lives. Men includes women and all animals. If i had written that men includes women and "all other animals", i become an anti-feminist. If i had written Read More


I have fumed at this before. Another person telling me that Hindi is our rashtrabhasha. IT IS NOT. It is a rajbhasha - an official language. The other official language being English. States can Read More

Wild Guess - Part II

Chinku the goat and the girl had gone to see Ghee Baba in the forest. He opens his mouth only for two activites - for eating ghee and for answering questions. A person can ask him only one question Read More

Wild Guess - Part I

I had seen her smile in a photograph. She was holding a goat in her hand in the photograph. She was the first person from that village to ever go to a school. Her success in the public examination Read More

Dear Diary

I wanted to die today. My addiction for death is becoming more pronounced. I hope the lorry hits me. I hope the soup is poisoned. I hope the road is slippery. I hope the building is old and cracking. Read More

Days Five and Six

Day Five. This is my fifth day in this room. Today, i might fail in finding the door. Yesterday, by the time i found it, it had become dark. I started crawling on the wall. Memory started to throw Read More


Tears were trickling down her face. Rain was sweeping the public ground, in the middle of which i stood. The thunder was mocking me. I never felt this weak, yet strong. Her father did not like me. Read More

Rain Dance

A boy was walking through a narrow pathway in a lush green paddy field. He saw a rainbow and decided to catch it by it's horns. His father was feeding the bullock. After the day's hard work, the Read More

Soft Spot

I love you. Thank you. May i kiss you. I don't know. Your ear rings have caught the symphony of wind. My dad bought them, you didn't. Your smile touches, at the same time, all the right Read More

Age of Eggs

I felt my body. I had nothing else to feel. My torn clothes were neatly arranged like the countries of the world in a political map. He could have just asked whether i wanted to test his masculinity. Read More

Free Food

Tilting towards the horizonof hunger,with an eye of faith, i flew down.The belly, silentwith fear,clutched onto the last piece of Read More


This is the smile I want on that obituary photo. I told myself as I looked into the mirror with my facial muscles twitching for the ultimate expression. It was the second day in the ICU. The Read More

Girl in a Story

As she turned away from him, she saw the marks her nail had made on the sky. She knew she had slept. She did not know that she had told him everything she wanted to tell him. She did not want to Read More

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