Sonam Biswas

Visakhapatnam, India, B.Tech Civil, Chaitanya Engineering College, Student, Reading,Writing,Painting,Sketching,Composing

Questions To The Supernatural

Ever closed your eyes and felt you don’t exist? I’m not talking about the ‘Drifting in the Air’ feeling here; but the one that your existence doesn't make any sense. Getting up every Read More


Above the trees, I look at the sky And sole darkness reach my eyes. Then I find a lonely cloud Floating in the dark night shroud. Over the hills, away from its kind Resembling me, I think in my Read More

I'll take it, Won't Quit

I've lost my key to success. Yet I can feel the pleasing touch Of the other key in my fist, The key to failure. That key to success when I had Made me think I can’t loose. And now when I look at Read More

Sweet 18 years

You came in my life Just as I completed Sweet 18 years You being on my mind I saw three months fly Like white feathers in summer sky. Keeping our friendship at stake On very eve of friendship’s Read More

Lost in time

Sitting lonely in the park I find my thoughts dimming the light, My mind drifting back to the time When things were so pleasantly bright. The time when people loved me, Treated me as a princess. I Read More

Secret Love

While you sleep tonight I’ll come to you by the moonlight And silently etch in your heart words few Words saying ‘I love you’. Softly my heart will touch your You’ll know someone was there Read More

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