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Words They fall like rain On the deep blue ocean Where another drop Can sink a ship They ascend like sun rays In the dunes of deserts Where another degree Can kill a plant The appear like a lion In Read More

Troubles Troubles

Troubles troubles on the wall Why do you let me free fall Troubles troubles, you surround me Through the walls, let me see Troubles troubles, I am sick Someday the clock won't tick Troubles troubles, Read More

Some things

Some things need not be said Some things that scatter red Some things need to be sensed Some things that won't make you tensed Some things that make you smile Some things that stay all the while Some Read More


And I walked through the darkness Holding a torch in my hands In search of paradise "What is divinity ?" I thought The 'divinity' that leads men To do good (and bad) What is the foofraw about In this Read More

No tears

No tears And a lot of fears Anxiety and solidarity Lost in ambiguity Searching for amity No tears But please be here I am drowned A queen uncrowned Lost her round No tears Lost cheers A battle Read More

Twelve Necklaces

Long long ago, in a mystical land of happiness and joy, lived a princess named Sara. She was a gorgeous young girl, with green round eyes and golden hair that flowed down to the floor. She was a Read More

Before things blur to haze

He knew What we would do To his creation That was meant to be an obligation We would poison the strings of drops That fell down from heaven to embellish the crops We would put a question on our Read More

Steps we took

I wait Glance at the gate I meet nothing But there is something Something that makes me feel you And takes away the blue I feel your essence Your memories are all that I can sense Days pass on And Read More

The Collision

I I was walking On the wet sands Never ending stretch I stopped And turned Looked across the horizon Sun shimmering at a distance Gentle wind Bringing the essence Of a distant entity The Read More

The Leaf

It was spring I was green I had zest in me To start a new life Being pinned on you For the rest of my days There were flowers Vibrant colours Who enhanced my existence When the sun shone upon me I Read More

The Distance

Saloni was gone. Not died. But gone, forever. She got transferred to Bangalore. The distance between Patna and Bangalore was too big to cover, they knew, but didn't want to accept it. Bangalore was Read More

This is the line

The other morning, I went for a long drive with my sister. We took the NH for a greater adventure in a quest to find roads less travelled by. We saw a narrow opening of an alley and entered it. For Read More

That oil that you need

The oil Cheapest of all To keep the flame burning Of: Bliss Joy Euphoria Is: Optimism For - It is what you feel inside Not the ambience It depends on your perspective Of positiveness that Read More

That girl...

That girl on the last bench. Her eyes shine with the pride of living a life of her own. Her smile makes the world stand at her feet, for it is so confident that it can defeat the world. Her long Read More

To my class teacher

You inspired us. Right from the beginning, you were the one whom we looked up to. Your influence never stopped. You believed in us, and pushed us to the next level. You were like an angel leading us Read More

Everything happens for a reason

I BELIEVE, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON Well, Marilyn Monroe was correct. Everything does have a reason. You can see your dear ones leaving you alone in this selfish world. But don’t you think Read More

Dear Dad

Dad, when you took me in your arms for the first time... My twinkling eyes and your smiling face... When you held my little fingers and we walked down the pavement, holding my hand when I Read More

Old Age

When it comes Old age It finally is The last page The last page Of your life The bitter truth A strife A strife Cause its pain And this time Sun won't shine again after the rain The sun won't Read More


In the sea of troubles There is one path that takes you out Its the way of ethics And there's no doubt Behind the curtain of lies Truth can be seen through only one vision It is the vision of Read More

Wait... Sunshine will break through

When dark clouds cover the sky When you go on with a sigh When lightening strikes you When you really feel blue Wait... Sun shine will break through When there are nightmares When you feel no one Read More

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