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A definition to be searched again. Ensure little loss and lots of gain. True but no longer trustful. Sympathetic but wrathful. Good company but nature crafty Humble when down but in power, Read More

Lesson to learn from animals now...

Stop being cruel to the female race! While our religion puts women in the sacred position of Durga and are in great preparation for Durga nawmi, I don't understand the whole concept of CRUELTY to a Read More

Is this cheating or a way of life?

Two supposedly mature persons meet,(over phone) They share small talks, Then flirt, Then come to serious talks, They become friends, No gossip, no personal problems and rare meetings. Then they stay Read More

Weird or Stupid?

I locked the door, I'm pretty sure I locked it. But in the early morning it stood ajar. Memory lane - I came, I smiled, I grasped the handle and drew it shut and..turned the key...SURE I SHUT Read More

The beginning and the end

When you came you looked the angel of god! I covered miles just to see you... I spend thousands just to hear you... I stayed awake for nights just to think of you... Then one day the charm was Read More

For everyone who lies..

One lie, however small starts off like a malignant cancer lump proliferating as fast taking over your person. You no longer differentiate truth from reality, so much are you entangled in the web of Read More


Ooof another year! birthday today, Isn't it nice? But why do I feel I'm still waiting in along queue, taking a step at a time (after one year)? It seems something just moved in front and I Read More

That's life!

You die for someone and then one day you wish that person just die! Its all about sheer love and sheer hatred! Funny, one day you find that person at your mercy... How nice you feel; grand, sublime, Read More

Go slow, Oh Heart!

Go slow, Oh Heart, the path is slippery ahead. You have just started. So go steady on your first slope as the uphill may prove tough. Jump low, Oh heart, this is not your last. You have yet to jump Read More

Poor heart

Lump dump, lump dump, it goes. Pumping blood all that it knows. So, when did it commit any blunder.... If only it could know how ruthlessly it is blamed... The Poor Read More

Growing up...

Why is the thought of growing up, so exciting when kids.. so challenging when adolescents.... so stressful when adults.... And, so depressing when Read More

The grass looks greener on z othrside of the river

Human, so is our nature, we want changes... the eyes focus rarely on the state of our shoes, but keep wandering further ahead...searching. The actual is neglected and often not appreciated for its Read More


Love is the one time experience that can not be measured or described or forgotten while lust can be boasted about and improved upon... Love is the sensation for lifetime while lust leaves room for Read More

Jiwaan aur Jawaani

Ek pal, Jawaani ne Jiwaan ko nahi di. Par ek pal, Jiwaan ne Jawaani ko di. [One moment, Youth did not give to Life. But one moment, Life gave to Youth] Read More

An ideal

You are no Hercules, no Adonis. No emperor, no conqueror. You are the fruit of love who understand but the words of love. You are no angel, no God. No simpleton, no pauper. You are the most humble Read More


when the mind is at rest and there is enough space in it to focus on all other things that you must not, out of the boundary of routine life, just take your laptop and let your fingers play on the Read More

UNTIMELY DEATH - A Holocaust always talked about in represented in black...Two days ago I saw death, no! I sensed it; coming in slow steps to embrace those it has chosen. The news said it was an Read More

Keep going...Time runs so fast...but never let...

Keep going... Time runs so fast...but never let it go faster than you...every other day stand up and do something..reading the paper, updating your profile, joining some sports, grooming, a good Read More

The day I focused on my own faults and stopped...

The day I focused on my own faults and stopped putting the blame on others, I knew I was grown up. Unfortunately few really grow up around us, even they have grown Read More

I stood there high on the cliff feeling how...

I stood there high on the cliff feeling how hard i struggled to reach the top. This must be the feeling of achievement...I smiled bewildered. I looked down from there and was instantly gripped with a Read More

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