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The power of Atomic Habits

The power of Atomic Habits Read More

Open letter to all Women

Recently I came across a post on Facebook on Rape and sexual assaults faced by women in India. It was an open letter written to India's PM and some other influential male superstars asking Read More

I am back... WriterBabu

12  years back when I was in school, I realised my interest in writing.  I wrote a story, a horror story in my personal diary and I gave my diary a title Read More

I miss you

its a funny poem dedicated to my best friend when she was going away to US for her Higher Studies You were there in my good in my bad when I was sad or when I was glad. You are like a shining Read More


THE 1st WRITERBABU BLOGGING COMPETITION RESULTS ARE OUT AND THE WINNERS OF CASH PRIZES ARE: Mahapalika Wala Bargad By Ishan Gupta ... !_tree_/ an awesome personification of a tree with Read More

my favorite WB author...

my favorite WB author is a lady who keeps changing her name.. any guess??? more clues...she is full of fun, humor and has an enchanting personality.. her writing style is articulate, clean, Read More

c u soon

it feels like i came home just yesterday and tomorrow i have to leave...bt actually its been a month at home...the bad part about time is that it flies so fast when u r enjoying it n it Read More


i am going to unfold a tale that dates back to the time when when i was in school,5th standard..this story would have better suited in a section like 'i was kid and moron'..haha i Read More

me and writerbabu

my engineering life was passing vapidly amid boring lectures,tiring class schedules,lab tests,assignments and xams, so whenever i get unsolicited from these i can think of nothing but just sleeping, Read More

coincidence or the aliens????

we all know about the great pyramids of egypt,one of the original seven wonders of the world, the ones which were supposedly built to house the remains of dead pharaohs built by the ancient Read More

silly tears

I don’t know why tears come? I never invite them, I don’t give a damn about their chemical composition and cerebral linkages, all I know is that many times they have worsened my situation. The Read More

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