Bandana Mitra


to play with dream

Dreams are fragile , handle them carefully. Put them velvet wrapped in a sandalwood box And put the box, to be on safe side , inside your heart. Gradually as time goes , a lot of heavy rocks, Read More

women's day

Women are a unique species. The perfect woman in our Mythology is Goddess Durga, The Devi with ten hands adorned with ten weapons. She is the woman epitomised - a perfect consort to Lord Shiva, she Read More

For My Daughter Only

I did not bow down my head before him For my daughter only. I had to look into his eyes without fear and stood firm For my daughter only. I could not join the Read More

India - really a secular country?

Off late there is a lot of intolerance noted in the field of Art and culture. Most recent example is not to allow Rushdi to Kolkata Book fair, for reasons best known to our politicians. Personally, I Read More


Love made me to cry so muchMy soul was bathed and clean.Fire of love extinguished long backThe fragrance still inflicts pain.It was the joy for a moment and excruciating Read More

The Kid

Who has led the Boy towards the lonely Path He is still nothing but a Kid Still lost in wishful dreamsStill in love with life And still thinks that at the end of the day the Read More

do not compromise

Sometimes I wish that life could be a Computer screen, I could press CTRL ALT DEL and reboot it. Start from scratch , fulfill the dreams for which I always thought that I have enough time to pursue Read More

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