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Calicut, India, Doing my class 10...!, Student, Reading, Dreaming, Playing and of course Writing...

CAST A CHANGE (urgent)

Oh boy! Why in earth do we have to speak LOVE now….? But hear there’s a need now….an urgent need ! We have missed our bright year of so many love so far… We don’t have time to mug up Read More


Red Red Red anemone flowers bloom in my womb.., Veins fetch them revenge, Scoop out love, Fill danger.., Butterflies in my stomach to digest life hard... Growing the history's girl... I go dark Read More

Revolution Required...

It all happened yesterday... The change to a human and no more again in crave of the other world itchie... It may sound strange that still I wasn't making my way where I really wanted to be..., But Read More

A Sweet-Sorrow

There in the puzzle of matching our wounds, My heart will tune the untold fable I kept, The quench to be located..., Where you were the thirst I held... And by the time your bird will fly to Read More


Join my madness, Will you? I promise you, We’ll fly around sky Touch stars and Return safe… We’ll run ahead.., Pick up colors and Gift them to flowers… We’ll swim inside and Catch the Read More

A Shady Plot

A Shady Plot It was never a shady plot.., but for it was a bustling plot around… However to stay for a special class from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm in specific for English will bring a lot of Read More


Matching the unmatched..., Joining the scattered.., Re-writing the written.., Painting the colorless state...! Struggling over fate..., There are a hundred colors in my sky....., but none matches the Read More

Tearing those tears…

Standing in the middle of the field.., under the glare of this old sun…, I’ve got my past tale of living, back once more…like a flashback or something that I don’t know how to Read More

The "Creators"..:P

They create seasons, They create reasons, They create garden, They create burdens, They create facts, They create tactics, They create all.....! But never minds to create a world for Read More

Trailing woes…

Wind blew to flak the clouds, Seeds woke to kiss the soil, Sun rose to recite another dusk, Trees sang to scoop new gem, Leaves rustled to punctuate flowers, River cried for her lost shine, Waves Read More

Of looks…

People care a lot about looks and just looks…. Once you enter a party and you walk straight, they first scan it from your legs to head. Each strand of hair and each red on your face is evaluated. Read More

Watch the Watch..!

If you still want to see beautiful girls and boys even after your death…………. Then…, “DONATE YOUR EYES” For more visit: ... Read More

The flow of words....

The flow of words are often like a volcano emission, or like a nuclear detonation..... but most of the time people don't realize how hard it takes to pen a line with sincerity...and it happens at the Read More

A Murder-Report

A Mosquito-Murder Staff reporter Forestelhi: Last day, a mosquito was found murdered in the window lane of Mr., Froggy’s residence. The place was filled with blood and no major evidence was found Read More

Hiroshima-day Message

Dear peace-lovers, I would like to see you all as peace-lovers because I wish that never will another world war, i.e., world war-IIIrd happen in the history of time. This year remarks the 68th Read More

Sorrow summons…

Roving with the wind, The rustling leaves around Make it hard to punctuate The rustling of soul and soil..! Still those facts uncompromising Kills my murdered-self again..! Inflamed Read More

An “Ink-Pen” Proposal

From, Mr. Pen Fountain villa Writing Street Penning Nagar To, Ms. Ink Mary Dye-based villa Spreading street Royal Nagar Dear Inky, Sub: A marriage proposal It is with great excitement I’m Read More

Another chweet - communion...

Completed with "The Prophet" of Khalil Gibran... :) :) :) Took me to the heights of a new rhythmic silence.., To the storm that removes my veil and.. to the half-murdered thoughts I was up-wrought Read More


The seeds of hope Sown in me, The syringe of dreams Injected in me, The pests of fear Thrown from me, The breeze of cause Blown in me, The fight to rise Struggling in me, The prayer of sky Glowing in Read More

It’s not….

I’ve learned and known, It’s not ‘LUV’, It’s clearly REAL LOVE And do not mistake Again it’s REAL And not ‘REEL’..! It’s not ‘ME’ always, The most perfect is WE All Read More

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