The Belief:)

A thought that....

A thought that titillates me when it comes to you,Oh, that one meeting equivocates for the confession I have.Maybe it was too soon to ask Read More

Heat Of the Moment..!

It was an intensively vibrant second, That made him say- "I Love You". It was cuddling of two stream-ended motive, Where she dived but lost a fin. Read More

The Theatre Tickets (Part 2)

....cntd... Movie was about to end. My hands were cozy and feet were hell cold. I was shivering slightly. "Thand lag rhi hai tumhe?",you asked "Nahi to",i eventually replied You continued watching Read More

The Theatre tickets (part1)

It was the first movie we watched together, You asked me for the hangout :) & then we planned to have a Gold seat. Our movie hall was on 2nd floor, We didn't take the lift, Instead, we walked Read More

Pseudo Imprints 👣

The Deep burning of swindles made me lagoon, And baby, you gotta realize it soon, That I drape myself with beliefs But you were erratically levying hurting on me, An apparent world around,hared Read More

but I do :)

I saw you happier, Bursting in to laughter with new buddies Don't you feel insecurity that someone will replace you in my life? I do! I found that you are more comfortable with people A stressfree Read More

yaad toh uski aaj bhi aati hi hogi :)

[He left making me a blogger :p Everything happens for a good is my first post in Hindi+English :D] Tere jane ka asar kuch aisa hua mujhpar Tere jane ka asar kuch aisa hua mujhpar Tujhko Read More


Somber mood gets evaded, Depressed mind gets rejoiced, The hollow ambitions turn to the boosted one, All the lost hopes seek the beam of passion, Subdued smiles emerge out deliberately, The heart Read More

Story Does Not end Here!

The way she faced, That deterioration, The way she regretted Can not be forgotten. I can see her eyelashes ,twinkling cause of water, That fluid is tear either. It was me myself, watching her Read More

Key to the next level :)

we two crazy kids jumping off the staircases, tanned skin and dry hair oh yeAh our open shoe laces. hand in hand and a round turn a toothy smile was burning sun, people were jealous but we didn't Read More

मोहब्बत,उससे जुड़ने वाली हर कडी़ से

कौन था वो? कोई भी तो नहीं, फिर क्यों सोचती हूँ उसके बारे में, क्यों डूबी रहती Read More

Heard of one-sided friendship?

An invincible laugh could be seen ,if they meet, The moment captured would be amiable Indeed, They were into one another smiling, laughing and being enjoyment freak. The talks crossed the height of Read More

She is in you, you are from Her :)

Her hands, Her legs, her waist, Her face,Her aura,her Gait, her body, SHE! the way she walks, flaunts her body, cuddle with her hair, pouts for photographs, carry her short dresses... does it really Read More

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