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Her two babies

I have seen pretty flowers, All around the country, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Dancing in soft breeze, And speaking to each other quietly.   I have Read More

You are leaving?

What can I do, To make you happy? What can I do, To cease your pain?  What should I do, To reassure your heart? What should I do, To stop you Read More

End Of Year Poem

I hear people bursting crackers, I see the fortunate burning away wealth.. Strange world we live in, While others are malnourished, Sinking into the hell of critical Read More

Belated reciprocation.

My heart skipped a beat, And I froze in my seat. I waited so long, So unbelievable long, So painfully long, Just to hear those words, Those magic Read More

Our Friendship

From what I see, Our friendship is like a butterfly. It's beautiful, It's unique, It has become rare, And it will not last long :) Read More

A world of Hurt

Is it not scary? Does it not prick your curiosity? Does it not pinch your conscience? Are you among those finding bliss in ignorance? It is scary, How some are millionaires at twenty, And others are Read More

Leave me alone.

There are moments, Unusual and unwanted, Exceptional and eccentric, Unexpected and unwelcomed, Emotional and evil, Where without remorse, Promises are broken, And hearts too, Love becomes Read More

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Ol' Aunt Sarah picked up the phone. She said hello in an not-so-polite tone. "Happy 50th wedding anniversary Sarah" It was her husband, cheerful Mr.John Spears, Ol' Aunt Sarah has been a widow since Read More

A Walk by the Stream

I have a vision. A dream. Featuring You and I, walking side by side, by a cheerfully humming stream. My fingers cuddling yours, Oblivious of the surrounding. The flirty breeze teasing your soft Read More

The Tale of the Expelled Knight

Author's Note: This one is my longest poem to date :) I know not many is going to read it fully, But whoever does, I hope you like it Thank you. Read More

In the aftermath of our friendship

Every minute walking past, Warns me of a harsh truth. A reluctant tear escapes my eyes, As I stand in front of the telephone booth. Heavy rain drops kisses my skin, And the chilly wind has her Read More

Yo Sir!..

I remember seeing blackness all around, Stuck in a maze with an unstable ground, A sense of confusion pierced into me like a dart, And fear slowly crept into my little heart. That was until I noticed Read More

You are my best friend

I have amazing friends, But then there is you. Crashing into my life, Like drunk Scooby-Doo. One in six billions, One of a kind, A combo between cheerful nature and a sexual mind. Long shiny black Read More

I was me...

I was me, before your arrival. I was me plus a bright smile after your approval. But then the tables turned, The petals of our pretty rose experienced sunburns.. I was me plus drops of tears, after Read More


Which words shall I use, To describe such a maiden as thee? Pretty, prithee, be not a stone, Throw a lengthy glance at me. My eyes aches to meet thine, Hiding behind those glasses round. One willing Read More

If SoMeDay...

If, someday, be I a being bold, A weakened body, wrinkled, wailing, Summoning a departing soul... Thy shall dwell, deep down in my heart, Safe, secured, subjected to breathe till my impermanent Read More


Young Wild and Free, Like a Chimpanzee... The earth's new warriors, Becoming social horrors... Their weapons of choice? Porno, condoms and sex toys! Abusing benefits of Iphones, Headphones and Read More

You Can'T Break Me! - Rap Mode...

No, No, You can't break me! You can't break my heart... Since i'm human, and my heart is an organ! Its not rotten wood, That you can destroy for good... My heart ain't glass, You a drama-queen.. you Read More

Random writing.....

I write and write... Till my paper is no longer fully white... Filled with Ink blue, so blue... and my feelings so true.... I feel good, badly good.. Like the hero from the woods, Robin Hood.. I Read More

Fallen.... All over again...

Some few weeks ago, I was having bad times... Since I was involved in a relationship, That took a sour lime.... Though I never cried, Despite having my heart broken... And I took support and Read More

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