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The Best Disguise

It started again . The blames, the arguments, the screams, the unwanted blabbers. He could hear it clearly. Though the wordings weren’t clear but the meanings were. Unhappiness spilling all over Read More


All sort of things were scattered on the floor. It has been days since they moved into their new home but still the rooms could not be arranged in perfect order, satisfying Mia and her family. Every Read More

That Day...

The tinkling of the temple bells reverberated around. Waking up sleepy eyes. Dragging lazy souls. Compelling stubborn ones to get ready. For school. For colleges. For offices. For hospitals. For Read More

Sunken Eyes - # InternStory

They spoke it all . In silence . That’s what he loved about them . Their ability to express the innermost emotions that lies deep within . Away from this vigilant world . Dark , dusky or pale they Read More


Moving on wasn’t easy but they decided to . It was not going to work out owing to their professional demands which traversed in different directions argued their families . Giving in to the Read More

Chopping Board

Life took a refreshing start when a small town girl married that perfect bachelor she met on a matrimonial site . Little did she know that imperfections would creep in so soon invading her dream Read More


With gentle steps she came inside the room sliding the door screen a bit , placing the tea cups on the table she greeted them with folded hands displaying the hint of family values they were Read More


She sat exactly 3 rows apart , when he first saw her at the inter house competition . Dancing to the tunes of the latest number she swept off the stage with her grace , inscribing her name not only Read More


The night was quite , spilling moonlight all over the lonely road and not a single soul was visible till far . Just like his life where everyone had closed doors . They were all around till he was Read More

Hi Friends I have something to share

Hi Friends , Here’s something I would like to share with you all. There are many fabulous writers here on Writerbabu and I really like reading their posts All of us here have our own specialties Read More

Pristine Stream

Dragging his bag along he climbed the stairs of his flat The door opened welcoming him into his home in a city which gifted him with everything he had wished for but taken away his most precious Read More


Few years ago she had stepped out of her home with the promise of returning back only when she cleared this exam . Coz she knew it was the sole way she would survive the pangs of her past that Read More

The Offer

He had gone before I was born and she after , leaving me in the custody of a distant relative who was more than happy to get a servant for free . My days of penury seemed to have clutched an endless Read More

Do Come Back ...

As the sky gets painted in blue And travels across the rainbow’s hues Falls down rain drops making up puddles Splashing some on my new doodle The sun shines bright on summer noon Pushing back Read More


Cuddled in your arms Under moonlit night Feeling the warmth beneath Holding onto you tight I crept into your bed For countless stories in store Of fairies princes and ghosts Tempting me for Read More

Paired Forever...

It was the day of her daughter’s annual function and she had been repeatedly warned to not miss it amid any circumstance . The name of the best artist of the year was announced . A satiated smile Read More

Enshrouded Love...

Circumstance simply pulled them apart ignoring their every single plea . Dejected dismayed they tried too hard to continue life’s journey . Still a concealed desire lay deep down somewhere in Read More


Pure pristine mesmerized in hope , I descend down from my home up above , Bidding goodbye to fellow mates , Wanting to get unveiled , Transforming my state . Pitter-patter I fall down , Over tree Read More


Someday I will come , Breaking free , From the clutches of fate , Resolving inviolable strands , Ignoring those piercing voices , Slipping away beneath the sand . Someday I wish , To feel the grass Read More

An Artist's Plea....

Years ago I was welcomed , With cuddles and hugs and love , As a newborn , In this village of art , Whose history travels decades back . With innocent eyes I looked around , To get amazed and Read More

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