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The one

Ok here is my first ever attempt at fantasy. I hope you guys like it. Do read. Thanks in advance. Stella was nearing her 18th birthday in two weeks. The nightmares had become a permanent residents Read More

For the past few days I'm reading only a certain t ...

For the past few days I'm reading only a certain type of content. Not that I have anything against it. But love humanity and sorrow are major topics. Guys let's broaden our horizons. And try Read More

we need readers

It surprises me, not only for myself but others also. That we write and some of us write quiet a lot. But there are so many readings out there that go unnoticed. We should read at least 5 published Read More

Writer babus and writer babis????

The site or let's say our sanctuary is called writer babu. It goes fine as long as you describe the male population. But what about the full load of females writing here? The males can be Read More

simple but effective writing

My sister just wrote a piece and she was over joyed by the fact that her writing fetched two hats off! The very next second (being the whiny younger brat sister) she started whining as to how she Read More

The bird who met his flock

Each moment he awaited their return Each quiver in the air Made his heart churn He had given all up and loved them His words were met with disbelieve together they flew, him they condemned With Read More

The story of a dead man

Today I sit in front of a mirror. A mirror of memories so alive I'm oblivious to all. Like a numbed soul I can only watch and watch. Each comes haunting my soul but I'm dead. Yes. I'm dead! The body Read More

date with anti li......

I had worked a whole year to bag the chic who sat behind me. Every morning I would sit in my seat awaiting her arrival. The swish of her hair her perfume wafting in the air were my life's biggest Read More

Joy of a bird.

Searching for his own The life of unknown Was all he had ever But this has to change Even if it takes forever They don't want him in their flock This thought he blocked And soared to make his Read More

love Indians or hate them

It is so easy to hate India as a Pakistani and vice versa. But India is a HUGE nation. Are all of them hateful? Sounds insane. Doesn't it? Was watching the talk shows few days back where the anchors Read More

My truth

I want everyone to read my article cuz I'm speaking the truth. Stupid, an absolutely stupid expectation and belief. Unfortunately there are more of these that shape our society. We expect to be Read More

Please Ma......

Every time I was down you picked me up. lifted my spirits made me a fighter. People marveled at the independence of my soul. All the things I achieved I always had faith it is all because of you. Read More

chaltay chaltay zindagi me

chaltay chaltay zindigi k safar pay ik ihsaas tu howa yaar k jo dikhta ha wo bikta hai baqi sub hai baqwaas biwi kahaye sohar naraz hai Mian biwi ka tu mu sooja hai dil me aik toofaan barpa Read More

hate em or respect em?

Sitting at a diwali dinner I was too busy trying to focus on whats being talked about. But in vain the talk of clothes (with attempts of i shall out do all with my knowledge tones) had me writhing n Read More

Her beginning

4 years ago she got married. Like any other girl he became her world. So much so she forgot her dreams and embraced his with such a vehemence they lost the differance. Life was all about him, Read More

Even the Beautys have........ you know ;)

Two friends Mark and Josh decided to meet after 10 years of high school. As always they got reminiscing over the good old famous days and each took pride in telling how succesful they had become. Read More

How hubby decided I was a mouse in a tiger's dres

I have always been a tom boy. What started as wrestling with boys on the bed pretending to be Hulk hogan became real life beatings guys recieved till I was in the university. The boys till date Read More

children see what elders choose not to themselves

belonging to a muslim (so called) country there were very few hindus in our class. Iam quoting a time when I was in grade 7. I had a class mate called Bhavita. Who I lovingly call bhavi. Read More

Blocked, frustrated, agonised

They say "keep writing...writing is fun." True! but how??? Everytime I start typingI realise I cant form one coherent thought! Not like I dont have anything going on around me..... Then why! Why is Read More

A Political Interview

A political interview only on Karela TV 'Sach tu Karwa hota hai"G nazrin me houn aap ka host Sacha from your very own K TV! Jaisa k aap daikh sakte hain me yahan Phada political party a.k.a. Read More

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keep writing ... writing is fun ...

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