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How’d you met her for the first time?

We were looking at the same painting. There was an exhibition in a nearby art gallery by some new artist. He was one of the most talked about artist in town. So I just went out to check out his Read More

A Fool maybe!

Her eyes were swollen as she has cried the last whole night. There was love. There was need. There was a pain in her eyes. I was looking straight in her eyes when two rolled down her face, shining in Read More

Rodrigo- A Fake Legend!

There are times when we humans create our own Gods. Sometimes for the sake of our humanity, sometimes for our own benefit, but most of the times, just because we believe in a legend. We never know Read More

Pinjre Ka Parinda :)

Vo Parinda jo kuch samay pehle is pinjre mei kaid hua karta tha aaj aajad hai…. Jo Udne ko tarasta tha,uske liye ye aasmaan bhi aaj chhota hai,ek udaan ke liye…. Suraj jise vo roz subah nihara Read More


Ab shayad is jindagi ki umar puri ho chali hai.. Jindagi ka safar b ab thamne sa laga hai... Bas ek tumhari dhundhli si yaad dil mei kahi basi hai... Jiske sahare hi ye bejaan safar kat ta chala ja Read More

Vo nayi basti ka Nukkad..

Kal bas yuhi Shaam ko talhte talhte kahin dur nikal gaya...Peche Mudke dekha to rasta anjaan sa laga...Paas hi ek basti thi vahan jake pucha to paya nayi Basti ki aur chala aaya hu...Bas Read More

Vo nayi basti ka Nukkad..

Kal bas yuhi Shaam ko talhte talhte kahin dur nikal gaya...Peche Mudke dekha to rasta anjaan sa laga...Paas hi ek basti thi vahan jake pucha to paya nayi Basti ki aur chala aaya Read More

I lived ages thinking of which way to choose,...

I lived ages thinking of which way to choose,I wasn’t able to decide which path to choose,Greener side seemed far better than the darker side,I was about to choose it but my heart Read More

Azeeb lagta tha...

Azeeb lagta tha...Vo Tumhara rudhna,Mera manana,Vo chup chap rehke b bahut kch bol jana,Vo ishq tha par maine jana na tha,Baar baar kubul karke b Maine mana na tha,Aaj ehsaas hota Read More

My first love :(

I wish it'd lasted forever,but I know betterfirst love is first loveit ends, life goes on.The first time of everythingthe first 'hug',the first 'kiss',the late night Read More

Story of a Soldier.....(Must Must read) #respect

If I die in a war zone,Box me up n send me home,Put my gun on my chest,N tell my mom i did my best,N tell my dad not to bow,He will never get tensionfrom menow,Tell my bro Read More

I was like a mirror.....

I was like a mirror,Standing erect in front of you every time…I just kept on telling you what actually you mean to me…But my words never affected you..You always took me as a Read More

Fir milenge vo fursat ke pal....**Waqt Nahi**...

Fir milenge vo fursat ke pal,Jahan Jindagi ka rukh shaant hoga,Par abhi to tujhe badhna hai bas chalna hai,Jo sach hai vahi teri khoj hai,Aksar log hus denge tere lakshay Read More

Vo Aankhein!!

Jindagi basi hai un aankhon mein...Ishq bayan karti hai vo....Bahut kareeb se dekha hai unhe maine....Nashili thi vo bahut....Agar izzazat milti to vahin chum leta unhe....Apne Read More

Who am I?’ – What is self enquiry?

First recognise who you are. This is the root of it all. Without this, you will assume that whatever is said here is a suggestion that you should or could actually do something out of your own Read More

A conversation...Lady and her Lover(Must Read) :)

Once a lady when having a conversation with her lover,asked:Lady : Why do you like me..? Why do you love me?Man : I can t tell the reason.. but I really likeyou..Lady : You can t Read More

Us Afsanon ke seher mein...

Us Afsanon ke seher mein....Saathi bahut mile the....Par na jaane kyun dil ne tumhe hi chuna tha....Ek baar chot kha fir se galti karne chala tha...baar baar dil mein fir yahi khayal aaya Read More

Kaash mein lafzom ko hakikat bana pata!!

Kaash mein lafzom ko hakikat bana pata,Bahut kch khoke bhi kch vapas pa jata,Un gamon ka boz utna na tha,Jitna maine maan liya tha,Baar Baar khud ko kos ke khud ka hi dushman bana liya Read More

Diwali Wishes to whole Writer Babu Community!!

It's the "Festival of Lights" today,It's again the day of Diwali,It's time to dress up folks,It's time to adorn the thali.It's the occasion to throng the temples,Pray to the Read More

“I want to tell you a secret, I’m your...

“I want to tell you a secret,I’m your number one fanAnd that’s simply because…No one makes me laugh like you can…And I’ll always recallHow you were Read More

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