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Communication Gap

He asked us, “Does anyone one of you have a best friend?” Most, if not all raised their hands. The next question he posed was, “Have you communicated with them lately?” “Yes!” was an Read More


Success is meaningless unless it is translated into significance. You are successful when you add value to yourself but you are significant if you add value to other people, to other things. Read More


**Unrhymed tetrameter verse** To the eye all bright and shiny, To the heart delightful and sweet Novelty’s a stunning concept. With much difficulty it’s earned With incredible ease it’s Read More

She Makes Me Write :) <3

#Just_AVeryCloseToTheHeart_Thought There are so many things that make me write but without this one person I may never be able to write. This is for the one who makes me write – my MOTHER. I call Read More

All of the Me's

#Just_another_Thought There are multiple facets to me. ‘I’ is a word for the whole of me: ‘dreamer’-me, ‘practical’-me, ‘kid’-me, ‘grown-up’-me, ‘depressed’-me, Read More

Love's First Touch

#ShortPoem When you place your hands on mine When your arms and mine - entwined When we're kissed by love's delight When above us stars do shine I dream 'bout you day and night My heart's reborn Read More

Being Peter Pan!

#Just_a_Thought Until now, I always wanted to be a doctor. Reasons are simple: it is a noble profession, easy for me to study since both of my parents are doctors and ultimately, I can still Read More

Curiosity creates enemies

We all must have heard the idiom, ‘curiosity killed the cat’ which is generally said to people who persist on knowing something we do not want to share. And it’s very truly said. Cats are Read More

Rains...A Gift From God

Dear Diary, Rains have come to shower blessing on us and awaken the earth and my poet instincts. This poem is for the most awaited, most loved, most patiently accepted seasons of all – MONSOON. And Read More

This world is a difficult place.

I am just waiting to clear off all my debts, learn all i have ever yearned for, attain my goals early (like what i am already doing - i've become a journalist and am working on my debut novel) and Read More

Why? Today I ask you

Why? Today I ask you, My heart feels taken, My soul so shaken, And my mind awaken. Is it the magic of your beautiful soul, Or the power of your character? Your holding my hand and showing me way, Or Read More

Don't tell me to hate you!

Don't tell me to hate you... THAT'S NOT UP TO YOU! Let these eyes shine, in the hope of seeing you at least one last time, before they close permanently in your wait. You know how much I love you, I Read More

Haikus on Winter and Snowfall

Janvi and I tried Haikus for the first time.. please let us know how t is... Wind gives a cold hug The breeze blubbers eerily In the chilly night. Snowflakes falling form A snow blanket Read More

Please Don't Drink...

I don't know how this poem just happened to come to my mind... the context is of your choice Readers :) I set a condition which you didn’t fulfill, And I wait for a ‘yes’ if you can say it Read More

That Stormy Night

*Inspired by- #SmokingKills... it just mentions cigarettes, not exactly the same kind of story. The sky was grey, saturated with clouds as they roared and thundered along with the continuously Read More

To Fit in My Old Blue Jeans

*I don't know how good this poem is... just a try during a lecture at school :P Jeans packed with perfect neatness, All dirt-free and spotless, Then came my birthday Probably my jeans' too, As it Read More


*mostly for people who are twilight fans and/or my fans :P It started to rain. Her angelic, sparkling eyes made me nervous. I couldn't believe I was doing this to her. She, unaware of my Read More


Let's put it this way : empathy and sympathy are somewhat similar. Similar, though only in their spellings. Why don't we look beyond the words, into their meanings? 'Empathy' is done by everyone. Read More


Enid (laughing) : And...you..remember...the day I...fell upon.....his birthday cake...and..we.. Zeba : Stop laughing in installments, please. You're making me laugh! Enid : Dear, if I don't take Read More


Sometimes, being an adopted child is not that horrible as the age-old thought suggests (especially, if you are an adopted grandchild). A gentleman had adopted my mother when she was just ten and Read More

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