Sarah Majid

Mumbai, India, student, Writing,Sports,Poetry,Art,Psychology

In Circles

Round and round in circles we go, No direction, neither a goal. What if I say the path is clear, Hope you will not give me a smear.   Psychology is Read More


  Mumbai -a city that never sleeps, A DJ’s jams, the beggar’s weep. The ambitious young always dare, To make a difference because they Read More

The Letter Diary

It was not very soon after my first ever breakup, I had fallen for a beautiful man. We felt happy for a while. After three months, we went our own ways but we kept in touch on email. It had been a Read More

Feel Tall

We walk through them We watch them beg. When would this world wake up? To see if a little one is fed. No money-no pain they say We see it in their eyes and gaze To know they are not unworthy, just Read More

That Little Moon

In the huge dark sky, that little moon shines Every word they say, our thought just rhymes Whether bisexual or gay, seems irrelevant to me Aren’t they just human beings? Who need to be seen? Read More

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