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1 commented on post We, the Babus

We, the Babus

It isn’t uncommon to hear people saying that our happiness must not depend on particularity of a thing or supported by crutches of our loved ones. But, our happiness depends on our parents, ... Read More

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1 took poll for The Dreamer ..

The Dreamer ..

Everyday, with a new promise of achieving, crossing a new milestone or treading the uncharted path he stepped forward with cautious footing, brimming with faith and confidence abound. Pin-striped ... Read More

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I don’t know why it hurts

I don’t know why it hurts I really really don’t know why I care You must be out of my mind I wish you never came in it.. But why then do I care? Your eyes………remember looking at me? And I ... Read More

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Maverick' s Diary

5 hours ago
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Moving on wasn’t easy but they decided to . It was not going to work out owing to their professional demands which traversed in different directions argued their families . Giving in to the ... Read More

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Never judge a woman if she doesn’t have a relation

Never judge a woman if she doesn’t have a relationship status and never underestimate a woman if she is single. She might be single because maybe she doesn’t believe in casual love affairs and ... Read More

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5 commented on post Writers of the World

Writers of the World

J K Rowling running bowling; making millions runs Rushdie bats on the crease holding; millions people grudge Larsson gazing resting in heaven; Lisbon our beloved Jeff Archer colored persona creates; ... Read More

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And you say you know me?????....

"Never judge a book by its cover." Many of you must have heard this saying a zillion times in your life. But how many of you have actually tried to apply it in your real life????......Well, I ... Read More

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2 took poll for Frolicking love

Frolicking love

what does heart do when it loves someone what sort of part it plays when it trusts someone what does it do when it wants to message you wh don't you cringe when it wants to hug you i was a fox ... Read More

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1 took poll for That's life!

That's life!

You die for someone and then one day you wish that person just die! Its all about sheer love and sheer hatred! Funny, one day you find that person at your mercy... How nice you feel; grand, sublime, ... Read More

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1 took poll for Full circle

Full circle

Smile because you can Live for you are a man Dance in the rain Don't let your efforts go in vain Laugh your heart out Control whenever you want to shout Cry when you can't take it Promise ... Read More

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A boy's description of girls

We are girls , and we're fine , We are the epitome of beauty , We are kind , we are dangerous, Then suddenly afraid of heights. We are charming , wonderful, And we believe in their dreams , Often , ... Read More

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5 took poll for Guys VS Girls

Guys VS Girls

• Guys drink to forget about the girls. Girls drink to think back about the guy. • Guys can forget, but can’t forgive. Girls can forgive, but can’t forget. • Guys break up when they feel ... Read More

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8 commented on post 28, woman and unmarried

28, woman and unmarried

A typical day in my life (currently) starts at 8 in the morning when I wake up to get ready for my college, I go straight into the bathroom, get ready, come out to have breakfast on the dining table ... Read More

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3 commented on post Hopes.


My hopes burn out, desires rot I’m never happy with what I got A grumbling heart, undying pain “It’s unfair, it’s wrong”, I always complain! What I’ve got has no value for me Easy ... Read More

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