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1 took poll for REALIZATION


"..... It won't come to dropping a year. I am sure she'll crack it first time only", I was hiding behind the wall that separated our kitchen from the living room and was hearing my father talk to one ... Read More

3 minute read  ·   1 poll 4 minutes ago

So many people, So many stories!

There wasn’t much traffic today, weather was pleasant. He decided to walk rather than catching a taxi, fixed his earpiece, turned up volume to maximum and started walking down the lane. Just few ... Read More

3 minute read  ·   8 poll 19 minutes ago

Weight of the Marriage Bangles

The Puja room was covered and full of cobwebs. And the statue Statue of the deities told they had being lying in utter negligence. Little Pihu opened the wooden box to reveal a red bangle possessed ... Read More

6 minute read  ·   11 poll 1 hours ago

The kind of love when you feel touched without ...

The best kind of love is when you love with an open heart and an open mind. When you share all your dreams, all your secret desires, all your passions and tell each other everything that crosses your ... Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 1 hours ago

Hai pal pal mera ab tere naam janam...

Hai pal pal mera ab tere naam janam Tu apne kuchh lamhe mere naam kar de.. Tha tujh bin adhura, kab se mai janam Aa ke mukkammal meri shaam kar de.. Hai badi hasti meri, hoon bada naam wala Par ... Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 3 hours ago
5 took poll for The Pain

The Pain

I was very popular during my school times and in my college. I was too damn good for everyone living around me. You know like star. I had many friends, some hot chicks have crush on me. I was always ... Read More

2 minute read  ·   5 poll 5 hours ago
4 took poll for Who am I?

Who am I?

I am human, I am female, I am Indian ,I am daughter of my mother,sister of my brother....but I don't know who I am.I like to watch people dance but I am no dancer, I like watch people paint and ... Read More

1 minute read  ·   4 poll 5 hours ago
4 took poll for WE, THE PREACHERS


Is it possible that we stop preaching Just for a short period of time? Can we just consider taking a break From mechanically distributing our opinions? Instead of forcing our own ideas on the quiet ... Read More

2 minute read  ·   4 poll  ·   1 comments 5 hours ago
3 took poll for Brother's Nose

Brother's Nose

Until age nine, I was an only child, and apparently, asked God for a baby brother every day. I don’t remember that, although, what I do remember is the day my mother brought my baby brother home ... Read More

7 minute read  ·   3 poll 6 hours ago
5 took poll for Forlorn Fantasy

Forlorn Fantasy

Not a day passes where i don't wonder Life might be tough but can't i be tender She came on deceiving, pretending to be a fake Even she knows its worse than drowning in the lake She only went with it ... Read More

2 minute read  ·   5 poll  ·   3 comments 6 hours ago
1 commented on post I am a writer

I am a writer

I am not a singer but my words create music in people’s mind they linger and bring back old memories I am not a dancer but my words dance in people’s brain showing many a happening they take ... Read More

1 minute read  ·   4 poll  ·   1 comments 6 hours ago
2 commented on post A Lost Friend

A Lost Friend

My solemn dear friend, making her thoughts and dreams, existed beside me in the middle of several strangers whom she had known for one and a half years. Yes ... she existed there but she wan't alive ... Read More

2 minute read  ·   3 poll  ·   2 comments 11 hours ago
3 took poll for A Free Bird

A Free Bird

With one flutter of wings, the free bird flies away. I have no more regrets in hearing it sing, As it flew away from this world,far away. I felt no regret,no depression,no sorry feelings, as it flew ... Read More

1 minute read  ·   3 poll  ·   2 comments 15 hours ago
4 took poll for special blessing...

special blessing...

I have seen you million times, Each time is like the first.. No one can love you more than me, I will say must.. Your smile is like a new day, Like a ray of sunshine.. Your tender touch is like a ... Read More

1 minute read  ·   4 poll 15 hours ago

Just Hold On You Neva.. Know..

Delightful Breeze Semester 1 exam were about to end, only the last exam EVS and the preparation leave of 2days was allocated. December 2012 on Chat with Simran, after a hell long time, haven’t ... Read More

317 minute read  ·   3 poll  ·   1 comments 15 hours ago
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