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People reading majestic life' s Diary

majestic life' s Diary

31 minutes ago
50 Reading  ·   3 Ratings  ·   3 Ratings  ·   1 Review 3 hours ago
41 read the book The Final Exam..
41 Reading  ·   2 Review  ·   10 Ratings  ·   10 Ratings 3 hours ago
27 read the book Stalker Games
27 Reading 3 hours ago
25 read the book Where Mind Wanders...
25 Reading  ·   1 Ratings  ·   1 Ratings 4 hours ago
39 Reading 5 hours ago
New post in Self

Muladhara chakra

I want to collect all information about Muladhara chakra. It`s important to know its quality, connection to human, meditations, scents and ways to develop. Some important foods to increase the ... Read More

4 minute read 5 hours ago
133 read the book How to Write A Book
133 Reading  ·   1 Review  ·   12 Ratings  ·   10 Ratings 6 hours ago
New post in Open Category


Success and failure are part of life. Agreed! but what if the luck factor is taken into consideration. I have read many such stories which talks about a life changing ... Read More

2 minute read 6 hours ago
67 read the book A Midsummer's Love Tale
67 Reading  ·   1 Ratings  ·   1 Ratings  ·   1 Review 6 hours ago
New post in Poetry

Impression Green

I see you on the other side Of the mirrored lake, Your gown in green tulle Waving on the breeze Cloudy waters of the lake Embrace ... Read More

1 minute read 6 hours ago
New post in Poetry

Willow tree

It was a willow tree once there At the land of lake and mist, It was standing lonely on the shore Waiting for a beautiful hand to touch Its shining leaves. It was a woman in green, ... Read More

2 minute read 6 hours ago

Breaking bonds (Desperate 2)

This story is a sequel to my earlier post DESPERATE...the link is here for that post - ... Yamini had told me that she had HIV, 5 years back, while playing truth and dare. She had kept this secret ... Read More

4 minute read  ·   1 poll 7 hours ago
1 took poll for Impression - Cherries

Impression - Cherries

If you ask me as always you do, What I ate for breakfast today, I can say honestly and with smile, I ate cherries red and sweet From the country yard, I love the taste and smell of fruits ... Read More

2 minute read  ·   1 poll 7 hours ago
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