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New diary entry in Selenophile' s Diary

Selenophile' s Diary

Moonji. I realised it now just when I was leaving for office today. You remember the gutter mouth with whom I had an issue or spat with in november. I ... ... Read More

3 hours ago
Updated post Exploring You?

Exploring You?

When tears roll down your face The vision gets blur and you lose your voice But,  You keep holding your grace Fighting your tears You wish to Read More

2 minute read 13th January
New diary entry in Dear Bastian ' s Diary

Dear Bastian ' s Diary

Dear Bastian,Talking to Ditto 😍😍😍. I love him for all stupid reasons and you know it. Talking to him about what I did and why I did so.

10th January

Oh my dear stranger tides..

   I am smothered by the same thoughts of self again, wash em all away my dear stranger tides. As the sand under my feet slid with the returning you, why does my heavy heart still weep Read More

2 minute read  ·   2 poll 4th January

बुरा वक्त

बुरा वक़्त इंसान को क्या से क्या बना देता है | आशमा को शिखर से श्मशान बना Read More

1 minute read  ·   3 poll 3rd January

बात करेंगे...

बात करेंगे बीते दिनों की | कुछ बिताए लम्हो की, कुछ कमाए जख्मों की, कुछ Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 3rd January

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