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The Camp Fire

THE CAMP FIRE   To say that I have traveled on the NICE Road connecting Bangalore to Mysore, Countless times, would be an understatement. Just out of college, I used to work Read More

If looks could kill

She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. The  knife had entered the Read More

That Fucking day again

Its that time of the year again, young maids and laddies, When your fathers and brothers, seem to turn into baddies; When you look at a group of guys and wonder if they are gay, Coz you don't hang Read More

Bhai ka Picture

I glide through the courtrooms these days, hoping to see a glimpse of Bhai... I have not seen him since that fateful day, and seeing Bhai in flesh and blood will make me feel whole again. There is an Read More

I hate my Job

I get up at six and let out a fart, Time for another shitty day to start.. Wash, shave and clean your ass, Be wary, O reader, for this poem is crass!! Wait for the office bus that comes at eight, It Read More

Bha Ma Calling

*The Phone is picked up at the fourth ring by Junior Inspector Ismail Khan, on his first month of assignment at the police control room.. * Police Control Room, How may I help you? You have Read More

I HATE Valentines Day

Time has come again, of teddy bears and roses Red, And air full of fake love, you wish you were dead!! A date on the Calendar which I can’t wish away, The birthday of idiots, fucking Valentines Read More


Please Don’t Shoot!! “Any Last words?” the gun was pointed at his chest, easily poised to blow off whatever was held inside. “Please Don’t shoot!! I am your friend!!” the man in the Read More

The Collector- Guilt Trip

The Minister was late, which was normal and was expected of a man who headed the Rural Affairs and Agriculture of an entire state. The horde of IAS officers, Read More

Love at Last Sight

It was the eyes.. always the eyes that told me what she felt.. I never believed in love at first sight. I have seen it in movies, read books about it and even seen it happen to Read More

The Topper

I remember topping my Class 5 exams as though it was yesterday. As a scrawny boy aged 11, with big glasses and long trousers that I wore way above my waistline, I was made to stand at the front of Read More

Feed Me Old Man

Feed me old man, don’t stand there like a tree, For this is as hungry as a boy can possibly be... Am not asking for your clothes, your staff or your glasses, Just gimme some food, so that this Read More

My Yezdi My Love

The number 23 flashed through my head as the dim streetlights sped past me, my bike making the sole Thud Thud sound on this lonely stretch of road.. 23 Kilometres was the longest I Read More

The Break Up Poem Part II- Asshole

I dumped you today, I dunno what’s the big deal, Its not like I cut your dick and fed it to a eel, But you are making it look like I stabbed into your soul, So here’s the poem back at you, you Read More

The Break UP Poem- Bitch!!

You dumped me today, you stupid little bitch, And smiled while doing it, like a hairy old witch; You ripped my heart out, and served it with stew, So I decided to write a poem, and dedicate it to Read More

Why the puck do i Write.....

I wake up at six and let out a fart.. Time for another beautiful day to start; I Rub my eyes and scratch my ass, Sorry if that was a bit crass!! It’s six thirty now, time to really get up, Man, Read More

The FaceBook Poem

Let me Start a Poem about a funny little site, All cute and cuddly, but more infectious than a mosquito bite. With blue and white font, it ends with a ‘Book’, Its famous worldwide, in every Read More

The Collector- And Gently it Flows

The gentle drip drip from the tap was rhythmic.. soothing even. She sat there next to the bucket that caught the drips from the tap, her vision slowly blurring. She wondered if the blood flowing from Read More

The Collector- First Flight

“Passengers of Air India Flight AI-131, This is your Captain speaking. We are now beginning our descent into the beautiful Bangalore and the temperature outside is a cool 18 Degree Read More

Shut up and Quit

Don’t Quit- Original Version: Author Unknown..When things go wrong as they sometimes will,When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,When the funds are low and the debts are Read More

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