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Broken and Selfish

There is something selfish about people who are broken. They always like to keep their scars to themselves. Sharing is not one of their best traits. They will smile and nod at the world yet, the Read More

My first time

The first time they told me not to do drugs I was 15 and my parents made a big deal About how addiction was bad About how it ruined lives The irony of it all was My father smoked a lot Addicted to Read More

#2 Letting go

I carve out sentiments and adjure metaphor from our loving memories of dawn hysteria. As words I put them forth, through your crystal body fragile and delicate; bruised for me to soothe, but the Read More

China Doll

I used to play house with my china dolls when I was eight The dawn, the day, the night All happened in a single day I wanted to be an artist when I was ten Colored out of the lines at times But I Read More

Let you go

Looking with sheer glimmering ecstatic eyes at the sticky hash that’s been mildly burning on my palm as I mix it with tobacco, churn and mix with force just like life did to me-mixed and churned me Read More

I could've happened

He saw her on the bus stop She was dressed in blue He looked at her and she saw him They both smiled Because they knew They talked and talked Days turned into months They fell in love deeper Than Read More

Hash Infused Palms

When I lay myself to bed at night I wonder at the thoughts that cross my mind? Crossing the lines of the real and the blur Revealing my true identity in the silence of the night I hush my demons and Read More

Shards Of Heart

I could feel the high creeping down my vertebrae and tiny electric sparks making their way down to my limbs as it wrapped my whole body in a trance. The memory lanes cleared and I knew that soon Read More

Cold Marble Floor.

Dim red lights and the cold marble floor. A silhouette on the wall and palms infused with smell of hash. Cigarette burn on your legs and trembling fingers. Making way to the shiny object laying on Read More

Women and me

I have been in the bed of so many women Lain in sinister carnal desires Each time trying to forget that you ever existed That you ever were present in the circle of my existence I have wooed and Read More

Her and Bright lights

Running around in the bright lights Cherishing a mental decay A queen in her world Bedazzled and glittering Walking the pavements Inhaling the night It all tasted of metal and lights For the love of Read More

Me, Myself and I

The heart is dead The soul abandoned For what now remains is an empty carcass A body for this world A vessel that lives on Entering into a psychedelic trance With no escape and resistance The echoes Read More

Learn again to fly

Temptations and emotions Controlled by mind you see? To either let go? or plunge in too deep Conscious and sub conscious Both prevail It's up for you to choose who to hail Depth or surface A paradox Read More


Hear me for I am human Hear me for I am a soul Trapped in an earthly vessel Made up of stardust and gold Came into this world covered in blood Decaying the second my existence was fashioned Read More


If you could look into the future and see A picture of you standing with me A scene that utters a thousand words A glimpse of you and me? Take a peek at what beholds come on in and have a Read More

A cold grey heart

There was once a fair skin lady With a cold grey heart In her cradle of misery and despair Lay a soul wanting to be free from it all A sinner lay in a vessel so holy A deceiver who told the truth in Read More

Viva la vida

For more check out my blog King Powerful throne Ruled the land Wicked and wild: exalted Palaver and a breached rule Conceited, obsesses and vanity consumed Luxurious living Read More

A lovers flame

How is it possible to love and hate somebody at the same time? The two emotions mixing and mingling and lay one confuse to decide what she actually felt? Be addicted and repulsed by someone at the Read More

Devil in holy

For how come someone who looked so much like an angel And possess the lure of a vessel so holy Have a demon residing inside her An evil lurking within that made your life a living hell when she Read More

Silent Music

The silent music humming in my mind I can still feel the whispers and cries in this dark night The echoes of the melody losing no time Playing again and again on rewind Whether I am the cure or part Read More

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