Bye bye..writerbabu!!

I began in October '12. It was an exciting journey from then on. I really enjoyed my stint on you, the freedom with which I could express myself..the admin really tolerated me haha. Thank Read More


He grew up quickly. Having learned the tricks of the trade, street smart and savvy, he got absorbed into the underworld like fish to water. He soon got into trouble with the law, was dragged numerous Read More

Retreat ( 5 sentence story)

He walked back slowly,as if in a daze,heart broken, his mind blank. He had prepared so hard for this interview, which would make his career in this top multinational company. Handsome, smart, well Read More

Prayer of an aspiring Ma-in-law

Lord, Give me a pretty daughter in law With an oval face ...not square jaw may she bring big, fat dowry so son needn't work till weary Charming and jovial let her be too much TV let her not see Not Read More

Four more to show...I'm ready to go!

Having been here for almost a year and a half.. popularly up and down the graph friends of all kinds I made those memories will never fade I was looking through my archives Goodness, did I write Read More

lots to improve...

I visit a site for blogging..and am amazed with the variety in their write ups. Their lingo is impeccable too. Cookery to politics..stock personal . Awesome creativity ... I look into Read More

Innocence (5 sentence story)

I used to give tuition to these two cute and intelligent kids, a ten year boy and his older sister, when I was just fresh out of college. We usually sat in the veranda of our home, which was Read More

Most embarrassing

Everyone has had his or her fair share of embarrassing situations in life, but I think I've had a few more. It began when I was a toddler. On an evening outing with my sweet Mom, I watched as she Read More

Dear would-be hubby..

Don't snore like dad does it's awful, creates ruckus learning to cook at least chai's good who knows if you'll get any food be able to kill a big cockroach or lizard when they approach don't leave Read More

wb's the easiest site...

I struggled and struggled yesterday. I wanted to log onto a site to register my blog. They asked me this and they asked me that. They would have none of my answers. I clicked. No. Was this my own Read More

The girl who changed by the roadside

Yesterday, while waiting at the signal, looking to my right, I saw a slim, wheatish complexioned teenage girl standing on the curb, in the center of a makeshift, multicolored dressing room..on the Read More


5 sentence story... "The state of a system at a given time is described by a complex wave function," the bespectacled, curly haired, paunch bearing professor of physics continued, while the class Read More


(5 sentence story..) She traipsed into the room and seeing him sprawled on the sofa, laid the sheet over his slumbering body; that's when she discovered a long strand of hair tucked away on the Read More

Nature's Call

No.1 is what it's named no.2, is it's cousin famed going out with baby's tissue? no wonder she's aptly called shi-shu ticketless guys find this sudden urge fear of getting caught would simply Read More

How to double your poll ..

Make lots of friends on wb. Ask each one to have a pen name. Now poll them amply on their posts. keep commenting nice nice things;) ( You are now in their good books.) Now ask them to poll you Read More

Straight from the admin's desk

We have been reading your write ups since a long while now, some of you complain a lot. So from today anybody found murmuring here will be banished. An oldie is harassing n Read More

total nonsense!

The crow with the pink straw,peeked into the near empty jar, but was astonished to find a tiny tadpole swimming freely in the small puddle. The crow ,couldn't decide whether he was hungry or Read More

ISHQ kills

Hi guys..hey gals . Here am I on Mr babu again. Just watched a sunday evening episode of 'ishq kills', on TV. Am so shaken. Its a real life story of how a good looking fellow hooks a neglected, Read More

My predicament

I resumed writing after a two month long astonished how I could manage that long a break. It was good to come back though...true, writing's therapeutic. It helped me get over the Read More


She held it gingerly..carefully..lovingly.Gazing at it, eyes glued to it. As if it were an infant cradled in her arms. A thankfully short stick..shrouded in the softest,most delicious Read More

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