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Scratch and Burn!

Okay so I read the post "Vain in Pain" and I started typing a comment for it... but it turned out to be so huge, I thought might just make a post out of it! (After all, come-back posts are so huge on Read More

Pleasing the Unpleasant on WriterBabu

The unpleasant. The sore, surly, grumpy, grouchy denizens of WriterBabu. Still don't get it? I'm talking about you, you Humm-Monsters! Okay, so what is your problem? No, tell me. Did you have Read More


Random title, no? Well, actually I just read a post on WriterBabu about, umm, bath. Yeah. Bath. So I thought, you know, why not write about shampoo too? Like a cute little sequel thingy. Anyway Read More

The Drunk Girl’s Epiphany

I am piss drunk. Don't get me wrong here – I’m not a habitual drinker or anything. No, you can stop calling the AA now. Really, I’m just a normal girl. Whatever the definition of normal is, Read More

A Letter To The Moon

This is one of my old writings... Like, medieval old. Practically last birth if you consider the point where I am now.. It's naive and raw. And kind of really cheesy. But... I don't know... I like Read More


Whenever I switch on the television, it's like I'm ambushed by a bunch of expectations just waiting to guilt me into oblivion. They expect me to be stick thin, have a skin tone that would put a white Read More

Feminism, Bad Journalism and Jiah Khan's suicide

So yes, I read about the suicide, and I read the letter. We all did. And for a long time, I successfully refrained from commenting on people's over-hyped reactions on it. But what I read in one Read More


House of guilt Haunted, By the mistakes Of my past Walls of denial Can’t hold off These ghosts Of all the wrong choices That I made I lock all the doors and windows to my soul But they still seem Read More

The Love Calculator

The other day, I came across this Facebook App that claimed to find out how much my boyfriend/crush (or whatever) loves me. No, it doesn't shock me. The internet is so full of random harebrained crap Read More


Ember flames dance In front of my eyes Streaked with tears And they swallow greedily What were once Reminisces of my feelings for you I watch as my words Bleed of your betrayal Till the last of Read More

A Writer's Block (Why do I write?)

What's the most difficult thing a writer has to deal with? Starting a book? Maybe. Completing a book? No. Editing it? Not really. No, none of these is a match to that one thing all writers inevitably Read More

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