Srichandan Sahu

Rourkela, India

Long Lost Friend..

Part 1   Ages, after I went to a local store to get myself a packet of milk as the boy who was delivering milk, has been hospitalized. It was 6:30 in the evening and Read More

It's already 13:10

10 a.m. was the time peeping out of my watch when i saw it for the first time of my day.I woke up repenting myself  how could i miss the class scheduled at 9 am. It was a classical mechanics Read More

trends in divorce

The young couples are fast becoming upwardly mobile and rich in Indian cities. But economic prosperity is taking its toll on the marital status and marriages are falling apart. Over the years the Read More

League of an extraordinray gentleman Dr. Kalam

"DREAMS ARE NOT THOSE WHAT YOU SEE IN SLEEP . IT IS THE THING WHICH DOESNOT LET YOU SLEEP ",this famous adage has now became a slogan for thousands of students and aspirants ...but for me its a Read More

Drugs - a drop from the hell

A bit fascinating but the truth lies somewhere in the fields of Punjab where a large amount of drug is being produced annually. It could be considered a great menance for the present life and society Read More

Chanting God's name

Chanting gives peace of mind. Mind is always a mystery and the mystery of the mind can only be understood through deep meditation. Hare krisna chanting is as powerful as hare rama and the two names Read More

Should Maggi Be Banned?

No one can ever forget the two minute advertisement of Maggi. It is one of the most loved fast-food in India. The fans would now have to deal with a bad news as Indian food inspectors have asked Read More

Respect women

There was a time when working men thought that they can easily bear all the responsibilities on their shoulders alone. They think they can easily deal with the world alone without their women folks. Read More

Know yourself first

I Know myselff. You know youself. What does it means. It means we all know our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing is knowledge. Like we know the 99 percent of wealth lies with only 1 percent people. Read More

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