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The Only Companion!!

She thought about the only friend she had now. Her only companion in times of loneliness. The only one who silently walked by her side when nobody else did. The only one to be at her side when the Read More

The Final Step!

There stood the World full of endless possibilities. Everything that has or could have happened flashed in front of her eyes, blurring the breathtaking view. Some memories did make her smile and Read More

My Little Sister

This post is Dedicated to my Little Sister… Today is her birthday, and I am missing her like hell right now. I just want to tell her that no matter how much I fight, argue or scold you.. I always Read More

Life is all about Expectations!!

Unexpected life is, we all know. Life can be as unexpected as a surprise gift that arrive at your doorstep and can even be more unexpected when that gift box you find is empty! :-P Having n number of Read More

And Again A Year Went Away….

Finally one more year of our lives fades away and a few moments later 2014, another year will walk into our lives. Its so strange that we welcome a year full of uncertainty with such zeal and Read More

Droplets of Rain

Sitting by the window I watch it rain, Tiny million drops of water Releasing Mother Earth’s pain. Every drop no matter how small Adds to the falling rain, Creates this world a lovely forest Which Read More


Living life day by day Our rules our way With colorful shades of gray when our world was shiny and bright Ignoring our inner light we missed a very important sight Dancing to the latest Read More

Life, A Beautiful Lie

There's more than that meets the eye, Life is a just a beautiful lie. Giving everyone a very sweet smile, But Tears flow once in a while. Laughing out loud in high tone, But Dying inside of being Read More

A Page from Diary

Life is simple if i mind my own business, i had thought. Life is good if i have a few good friends, i had thought. But yet again, life proves me wrong. Life is hard, people always said. But i Read More


In the world with beauty around, Where happiness is everyone’s claim. With sadness i stood to ground, Always Unnoticed I remain. Everyone busy in running the rat race, Without the destination Read More

The Letter I Never Posted

To the friend i lost, Putting friendship at cost, It was just about the letter, The letter i never posted. Under the bed, was the box. Brassy yellow was its lock, Searching for something old, Box Read More

Just Another Girl

I saw her, And she stared back. Her face full of expressions, But smile she did lack. I smiled a little, And a little did she smile. Her eyes hid a story, May be journey of a mile. What’s Read More

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