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Who we are, what we are, one, others, matters, people, yes one. Human all one. We live alone, yet we all live who we are. The things that separate us need to stop, we are all the same. Human, skin Read More


To all my Babu family if you care. I was in a bad car accident last February, with brain damage. I am doing good now and trying to write more. Some of my lack of writing is just being lazy. I will Read More

Things of life

Do you enjoy the setting of a warm sun? Do you enjoy the full moon singing its love on a calm lake? Do you enjoy the sun waking up from a full night of sleep? Do you know who you are if you like all Read More

My Life

My life passes. At times I feel so incomplete, very empty. This may be my last of words unfailing. To be a fool I know, but my heart still beats. Not for you, just what I say. To deep, I think Read More


What do I see, can you tell me? Signs of life, spring is here, all forms of life appear. Leaves appear, grass turns green, do you know what I mean. New life begins, even the deer bring and Read More

Talk about me

Talk about me Every time I turn around I'm always hearin' somebody tryin' to put me down They try to say that I'm this, that I'm that But all the while they talkin', they don't know me like Read More

The Clock

Tic tock, tic tock. I don't have a clock But I still hear it Tic tock, where then. I close my eyes Then I see it Its not mechanical Its my mind talking to my heart. Where has my time Read More

A Book?

How do you judge a book? By its cover? By its reference? By its reviews? By reading it? Now I ask how do you judge people? By there looks? By the way they dress? By what others say? By the Read More


Feeling good on a fine spring day, feeling the sun warm all the cold winter has brought, it takes it away. The snow is melting, the ground is showing its colors again. Hibernated animals are Read More

River for life

Sitting by the river enjoying my life, having a beer, talking to my wife. She said to me aren't you goanna take care of those guys talking trash about you. I said no honey I'm goanna sit right Read More

The Ocean

Can you feel the waves crashing on the shore and on the rocks so tall. Here the gulls cry out, the seals talking, every form of life singing its own special song. What peace can be had, just relax, Read More


Flowers in the morning. Dew covering the leaves, and glazing the beauty of the flowers brilliance, enhancing it even more. The sun rising warming our earth, cleaning the dew from flowers of Read More


As people we struggle at times with regrets of things that happen in our life. At times it makes us feel like hope or comfort will never return, dwelling on unchangeable's, failures, weaknesses, the Read More


Pains of life can be hard like the bark of an oak tree. the pain can cause severe scares, inside our self, deep inside our body protects. Only flesh but it hides so much. From these pains, we Read More


Having a love is a Hugh part of life. My love is my life, and others. Tell me what do you love. Is it life, people, or passions, or something else. Love is our being, what we love matters only to us, Read More

What will you speak

What should you say. Something you feel. Will it be perceived as you speak. Or will others only read what they feel. I believe writing is for this purpose. To touch someone, to make them think of Read More


It amazes me what life gives us as people everyday. Ever go from sad, to feeling on top of all you can do? Ever have your frown turn to smiles that make wrinkles all over your face? Not often in my Read More

This Day

Another night, the sun set. No I did not see it, clouds hid it. Matters not. Tomorrow dawns, maybe the sun will be strong. I think not. Snow falls all day, it melts. What a different day of Read More


Guess I do not care, if I'm alone. What matters most will be what I am. To be sane? Or just be the same of what I am. Some have what is needed to fill all of the voids. Others have emptiness that Read More

My Week

What a week, this has been. Get up early, work, home, and all we do. I think what I just said makes us who we are. We as people wake up, and make the best of what we have, everyday. I've tried. Read More

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