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Ignorance is bliss, after all!

But mama, it was tightly packed, carefully sealed, gone. Although wrapped up in glitter like a present, In the bottomless ocean of the Read More

Will you save yourself?

"I don't know what's wrong with you"  "I don't think you should care"  "We live together, I have to. Who will if not Read More

Were you there?

Did you see?  I hope you did.    I'd put on a little black dress, And my brand new stilettos. I'd taken care not to make a Read More


I feel so lost, I feel so stupid.  Everything was a lie; everything, in vain.  I really did love you Or maybe I never stopped.  Since Read More

'Politically correct'

"I don't know what's wrong with the world. I don't know how we got here! ISIS made a woman eat her own son, literally." "I do. Because we started off wrong. And Read More

"You're a porcupine"

You're a porcupine." "What?" "You know, how they project out their quills when they sense a predator." "What!? Why?! What!!!" Read More


"Beauty pageants are pointless. They are overrated." "So what is your idea of beauty then?" "Anything that compels me to keep looking at it. My mother, sister, Read More

There's an artist in him.

He does not paint, he does not write. He does not sing, he does not dance. He does not play an instrument. But boy I tell you, there's an artist in Read More

"You're weird"

"What's going on?" "Life." "That's all!?" "Pretty much." "What are your plans?" "I don't plan. One Read More

To my old self.

Sitting in the bus, on the way to my office  I was listening to some songs, my latest playlist.  There was the soft sadness in his voice, and I felt lost  My Read More

Moochhein Chalengi!

Jahan panchhiyon k udna sikhne se pehle par kaat diye jaate hon, wahan aam ke pedh pe neem k phal lagte hon toh chalenge!   jahan bachchon k haanthon me bandookein Read More

You don't get it, do you? - 2

Part 1 : ... Part 2 : I'm not in the mood today, and my friends are dragging me to the pub. I've been "refined"(as Read More

You're calling Him names!

There are hundreds of ways of doing good in the world, doing good to the world, helping people. Promoting your religion, caste or community is NOT one of them. Nothing good comes out of it, nothing Read More

I miss you, my friend

You might not read this, you might not know. And I might not tell you, maybe I don't show. I miss you, each and every day. I think of you. With all my heart and every cell of my being, I love you. Read More


He didn't know what he was up against. He didn't know there was no competition. He didn't know there was no winning spot. He wanted the trophy. He didn't know there was none for him. He didn't Read More

Happy Independence day!

A very happy Independence day. To each and everyone of you. I've heard a lot, a lot of how pathetic those people are who celebrate Independence day. A lot of how stupid the idea of patriotism is. A Read More

Ek band kitaab ka panna..

Bas aaj khaali samay me yunhi, Purani kitaabein jamaane me lag gayi.. Yeh socha nahi doob jaungi fir se usi samandar me, Unse yaadon ki jami dhool hataane me lag gayi. Ek k baad ek Shakespeare, Read More

Alone is BLISS!

"My alone feels so good. I'll only take you if you're sweeter than my solitude." -- Warsan Shire I woke up to this one fine morning. And I was like, whoa, that's me. It have lived 25 years of my Read More

Naani ka ghar...

Woh waqt hi alag tha, school wala! Karne ke liye bas padhai thi, aur darne ke liye bas papa ki daant. :) Kya sahi time tha, kasam se. Aur intezaar hota tha bas garmi ki chhutiyon ka!Kab chhutiyaan Read More

Kuchh der aur...

Kaash kuchh der aur tere saath reh paata.. kuchh der aur tere baalon ko sehlaata.. kuchh der aur teri aankhon me dekh paata.. kuchh der aur teri khushboo me khoya Read More

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