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At war with Life

We all are fighting war called ‘life’. Maybe I sound way too dramatic but if we look closely life seems to be war and each day becomes a battle. To live is easy but to live in society according Read More

Yeh Mehfil hai Begano Ki..

Yeh Mehfil hai Begano ko.. Apno ki Bhes me Begano ki.. Ya shayad begano ke bhes me apno ki.. Wakif hai yaha sab ekdusre se Fir bhi anjaane hai vo ruh ki Chamak se.. Naaraz hote hai kuch lafzon ko Read More

It's not always about the lyrics

Who am I? Who am I not? Why are we like this or why we are like that? What do we want or what do people want from us? Which race have you picked up for yourself? We grown-ups believe ourselves to be Read More

Her Bulldozer Driver

Behind her strength she hid that girl with insecurities. Behind her smile she covered the thoughts that haunted her mind when she slid on bed every night. They assumed all that appeared to be Read More

Life in engineering

Life in engineering What is engineering? A graduation course of 4 years or some technical skill required to earn your bread. Louis Clarke, An author quoted, “Engineering is a form of art and has Read More

Vo Begana Sa Apna Safar!!

Kabhi kabhi begane safar me Anjaan irado ke sath shuruwat karna ajeeb hota hai.. Par Majdhar me pohoch kar Naye maksad ka milna Aur haseen hota hai… Khushi apni khawshion ke qubool hone se Read More

Why So Serious???

Why aren’t you serious?? Like every time on every situation you can’t be pulling pranks or teasing everyone, I said. Yeah right, Arnav said. He shifted to the couch and plugged earphones. I Read More

Who is dictating your happiness??

You know there is pleasure in hanging out with friends. There is a pleasure in an adventure trip with family. There is pleasure in eating street food with your besties or just spending time with your Read More

Still I Rise

You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may tread me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? Read More

Writing Is My Escape,What's yours?

When the sun stared at every possible creation in the hot summer afternoon a girl sitting in her mum’s room was watching her mother sleep. Her innocent eyes were thrilled by listening to her Read More

The Empowerment Vogue

The vogue magazine's "My Choice" video is viral. Deepika Padukone is starring in it. With the video going viral we are also having the critics and the supporters for the message.Some say the video Read More

Bleed Blue!!!

Led by Captain Cool And Virat's agression pool.. The 137 knock by our hitman.. raina's support made the innings quick stand.. Be it Sir Jadeja's perfect throw.. or ashwin's spin blow.. Top order Read More

Babydolls against Bullshit

Keep calm and flirt on- If I keep this as my Display Picture being a boy oh dude you are a stud. If I keep this Display Picture being a girl..oh what a slut/characterless girl.if Read More

From anti-love to crazy in love!!

Kavya hated the concept of calling seniors ‘sir’ or ‘ma'am' but right now it was important for her to find the cabin of Prof.Deshpande standing perplexed in the corridor she saw a 6 feet guy Read More

The Dying Soul's Story

Nobody wants to die. We do want freedom at times or we do wish to run away from all the worries sometimes but nobody wants to die and the one who wish to I think they don't understand what they Read More

Jab tujhme mujhme..

Jab tujhme mujhme wahi lal lahu hai.. Jab mai rota hun toh bhi aansu nikalte hai.. Jab tu rota hai toh bhi aansu nikalte hai.. Maine toh kabhi tujhe khud se kam samjha naa tha.. Par uss baisakhi ko Read More

Veero ke liye

Paani ki bundon me kuch moti mil jaate hain.. Lakhon ki bhid me kuch heere mil jaate hain.. Itefak se nasib hain unka,Jo har naye din ka sooraj dekh paate hain.. Warna kai chand ki roshni Read More

A suggestion of debate forum/GD's on WB

This post is to suggest a debate forum or group discussions on writerbabu. Often we find many of us debating/discussing in comments. Debate/Discussions has always been an interesting way of sharing Read More

From the 'Forty rules of love'

This is a excerpt from the book 'The forty rules of love' I'm reading written by elif shafaq (a turkish and english novelist),Where a dervish called shams of tabriz on his journey to meet his Read More

The Truth in Dare !!

Truth or dare, I asked. Dare, she said. Okay so you sure you’ll complete the dare? What is the dare? , She asked. Take me on a date. Oh you are such a..She began. Whatever it is I’ll take it as a Read More

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