Arak Vatsa

India, India

होली आने वाली है

काव्य मंच पर चढ़ी जो होली, कवि सारे हुरियाय गये, एक मात्र जो कवयित्री थी, Read More

Reason 2 Love

When you are in love... The stars shine, in their nature pristine, The flowers blossom, in their nature divine. Across the world, the storms that blow, Touch your heart with a speed so slow. What Read More

Talk 2 Dead

I can talk to the dead as they talk back to me, They know how to listen in rapt attention as no one listens to their stories. I can feel the dead talking,whispering, singing songs of life, sometimes Read More

Dreams ! ©

Dreams! Shadows walking through the mind, Of many a different shape and kind. And then the light does come, The canvas lit by sun. The glory of the mountain high, That towers up to meet God's own Read More

Last Light ©

And so the flickering fire was lit, Forever teetering over the fiery pit. Entering the hallway of infinite doors, Extending his wings he begins to soar. The promise of infinite futures is Read More

Last Letter

My Dearest, No matter, what happened between us, but I still begin my day by saying ‘I love you’ to your frame which is’nt there in my room but yes, it’s there in my old eyes. My fragile Read More

O My Darling.

For sake, listen, O my darling Do not dart your cruel, angry glances at me, For I swear by the lovely pitchers of your breasts, And by your golden, glittering, snake-like necklace: If ever on earth I Read More

The Kiss

When you kissed me A fool fell in love I became weak in the knees The world revolved around your halo Angel eyes captured my imagination Like Einstein I discovered relativity Wisdom had been my Read More

Oh My Life, Be My Wife…

I know this is unexpected for you, But tell me, what should I do if my mind only accepted you? For everyone, your name is just one word, But now that one word is my whole world I will love each Read More

रिश्तों में भी रिश्तेदारी कहाँ

समझना तो बहुत चाहता हूँ अपनी जिंदगी को पर उस मक़ाम तक सोंच न पहुँच सकी देखना Read More

शहर की इस दौड में...

शहर की इस दौड में दौड के करना क्या है? अगर यही जीना हैं दोस्तों,तो फिर मरना Read More

Wo bhi kya din the hote

Wo bhi kya din the hote Jab the hum bachhe chhote Befikri ki neend the sote Ma papa ke pass the hote Chhoti chhoti baaton mn hi haste rote Wo bhi kya din the hote! Ab h bade hone ki baari Leni hogi Read More

रहो जमीं पे मगर...

रहो जमीं पे मगर आसमां का ख्वाब रखो तुम अपनी सोच को हर वक्त लाजवाब रखो खड़े न Read More

I am no more here.....................

I was always here Waited for so long Now I am gone I am no more here If you ever came I won’t be here You’ll see the place It’ll be the same With its hanging bowers The grass may be green And Read More

कोई भी कवि से कविता...

पढ़े-लिखे श्रोताओं का कवि-सम्मलेन में आना अब नहीं होगा आसान क्योंकि, गेट पर Read More

कवि तुम पागल हो.

सड़क पर जाते हुए जब भूखा नंगा दिख जाता है हर समझदार आदमी बचकर निकल जाता है Read More

एक हम पागल एक तुम...

एक हम पागल एक तुम पागल आओ रात को पागल कर दें !! रात शुरू तो बात शुरू 'फेसबूक' और Read More

दुश्मनी की आंच...

नींद अपने आप दीवाने तलक तो आ गई, दोस्ती में धूप तह्खाने तलक तो आ गई ! जाने अब Read More

ग़ज़ल हमारी कभी...

दुआ किसीकी भी ख़िदमतगुज़ार होती नहीं, किनारे बैठ के नद्दी तो पार होती नहीं Read More

कभी हंसाया तो कभी...

ज़िंदगी ने कभी हंसाया तो कभी रुलाया मुझे, अलग-अलग तज़ुर्बों से वाकिफ कराया Read More

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