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question query quest

Life revolves around questions ????????? When we were kids we had so much to ask to our parents ,teachers and everyone who we thought was capable of answering them . And in due course Read More

A journey by train ..what we gain

The train journey gives you the actual description of the growth of the country . By looking from the windows one can observe the landscape  which speaks a lot about that place .We can Read More

Memories ,your real stories ...

Memories are your own . No one can snatch it from you . It remains with us till the time we breathe last . They never leave us they are our best buddies . Memories do not let us Read More

Question Query Quest

Life revolves around questions  When we are small we have so much to ask to our parents , Teachers  and everyone who we thought was capable for answering them . And Read More

ये जीवन है़...... इस जीवन का यही है यही है र

Life at times bring so much of smiles and laughter that it looks so colorful and gives you loads of happiness and the very next moment life gives you to experience  an abode of Read More

Shake and awake .. Earthquake

Earthquake…..the earth shakes…a jolt for few seconds and then it stops and you start getting calls and messages from your near and dear ones for the well-being and then you forget Read More

Personality personified

Your personality is a reflection of your inner self…your depth of knowledge, your temperament, your psyche everything depicts on your persona. Your personality is a Read More

Basant Panchami

It's been 5 years .. I have been doing Saraswati puja with a statue established for a day and worshipping in the best manner which I can do . Every  year Maa  comes though in Read More

Inspiration: Who and What

Inspiration is an important element of achieving success. We are inspired by a story, an incident, event, quotes, thought or by a person. The success stories are very inspiring. One gets also Read More

Change is continuous, change is constant

    We change our mind set for more happiness. We change our habits to be able to survive in this dynamic world. When people do not want to change and become Read More

A Writer in You......

Social media has made everyone a writer directly or indirectly. When you login you see the messages, Quotes, views, discussions, motivational messages and positive thoughts. Be it a political or Read More

Police ... Fear or respect

Any crime happens anywhere we blame police . But we hardly know the other side of the story . . The police works every day , no holidays for them especially at lower levels . The police Read More

Brain and beyond

I want to fly high & wish to touch the sky .I Imagine my self playing with clouds and bathe in sun rays sailing in the skyline . Suddenly diving away from  eagles and hawks Read More

Color speaks……….

    Colors…….. Some are vibrant, fiery, gloomy exotic and sexy… The meanings of various colours have changed over the years but through Read More

Rules/ System/ Discipline

Every system has flaws in it . But when it exceeds system fail and problem persists for years . Look at our political system .. We say it's democratic but actually it is anarchy Read More

Sacred Tulsi lost in the light of magnificent  Christmas tree

Is our youth sensitive about Tulsi as much as Christmas tree .Is he aware about the benefits of Tulsi or it's anti cancer properties .. No they are not they are much more excited Read More

Sun shines stupendously ....

Sun the epitome of power and energy which gives a kick start to a new day, shall rise till eternity and light the entire earth .Though a fiery ball it rises every day and shares all Read More

The Taxi market in India: Changed scenario by Ola and Uber

The digital customers are making their travel smooth and without hassles by using Ola and Uber App.The ease in going to any place and free from tension of traffic in the congested cities, the pick Read More

true colors of life....

Life is not always colorful.It has shades of white and grey. The moments which you cherish do not come again.Happiness is temporary and smile, laughter, joy and sadness too.If you are honest, Read More

The color of Love....

What is the color of love,black white or grey. no fill colors in life,It is adventure,excitement It is transparent with pure feeling and whatever color you feel in love it is of that Read More

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