Dhruv Goel

New Delhi, India, M.S., TU Ilmenau, Germany, Student, Writing,Singing,Composing music

Once a very special person

Picked up a pen but just not able to write I have no clue what is wrong and what is right The poems I wrote are now a distant past But a few feelings I have managed to Read More

Hold my hand..

Life is difficult when you move to a new country and start living independently. No matter how strong you are emotionally, its really hard to conrol yourself when you leave behind your friends, Read More

Sometimes I Wish...

Well, its been two weeks away from home, and I'm already missing the love of my life. And then I realize that I'm not gonna meet her for the next five months. Without her I feel lost, incomplete..... Read More

You're Still Alive In Me

Its impossible to forget first love they say. Its been 2 years since it got over. She has moved on quite well, found a rich brat who gives her all the luxury and comfort in the world. But does he Read More

The Light of My Life- My Sunshine

In our society, whenever we see a guy hanging out with a girl we assume that they are a couple. But there are always some relationships which have no name. I share such relationship with a girl in Read More

Falling In Love Again

A year ago I lost all I had Her absence left me broken and sad There was too much sorrow too much pain I decided not to fall in love again For a year I wiped away my tears For a year I fought with my Read More

For that special one

A girl so confused I have never seen, Her heart is a paradise so pristine. I might have not seen her with my eyes, But when I talk to her time just flies. She asked me to write about her, But Read More

Miss You Sunshine..

There's no worse feeling than spending Raksha-bandhan away from your beloved sis... She is not my real sis, but more than real... She is the most important part of my life, my best friend and the Read More

Another Day In The Life Of An Engineer

So I begin my second year of engineering!! I finally enter the portals of the most feared branch- Electrical and Electronics. Its been two days and already the heat is on!! I miss my friends and Read More

Too Many Goodbyes

Its tough to live life alone, far away from your parents your friends and all your loved ones. Its the second year of my college life at Manipal and now its time for me to leave after two months of Read More

My Angels

Everyone of you has someone special in their lives, someone who means the world to you!! For most of us it might be our girlfriend/boyfriend. For me its my sisters-my angels. I am just another guy Read More

The Proposal

Well, they say a proposal is the most beautiful moment in any relationship.. So here's my experience of the same.. I wonder why my mind is always in a rush Not able to gather strength for long Read More


When I think of you I don't feel so alone But now I'm just left with moans and groans Your presence meant everything to me Yet you left me alone to admire the deep blue sea I traveled through the Read More

Straight From The Heart

Whatever I am is coz of you Girls like you are very few Your touch turned my heart into gold You hid me from the world in your fold You did everything you could for me Rain or sunshine you always Read More

A Dream Within A Dream

I've learned a lot over the last few years Through a fake smile and endless tears Sometimes friends really aren't forever But nomatter what, never say never Sometimes words can cut you deeper than a Read More

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