Prajnya Nayak

Water Resource Engineer


yes there was a reason, yes everything was wrong, yes most of it is alright now, some perfect even.. but something in my mind, unstable and unwanted has followed through to now from then.. nothing Read More

The reason for her smile...

She sat in her corner, with puffy teary eyes, her mind trying with a fierce determination to focus on what she had been feeling for the past few weeks. She knew that she had to hold her defense and Read More

Losing to the chaos..

One of the most important things to have in life is clarity which is the most difficult to find and even harder to hold on to.There are way too many arbitrary variables in an average Read More

not too much... just what is right...

sometimes a girl just needs a girlfriend. It feels so nice to be understood without much effort. so, I was walking with a friend, who seems to get me and we were talking. i was saying something Read More

Dear Heart,

i tell my heart now and again..dear heart,whatever hurts you, m sure it hurts bad... m sure it must be really hard..... but i am even more sure that being happy is a lot harder.. dont you Read More

My journey from monochrome to full palette

Life gives to us, on a plate, all shades of grey and a few blacks… we all have a lot of those; I am sure. When I was younger, more foolish and blissfully naïve, I had enough imagination to Read More

My today's justification on his behalf...

God maybe a creative genius… His masterpiece perhaps is a mosaic of chaotic elements; coming together to achieve the perfect balance. Each of us is a part of it, I am sure. Perfect balanced Read More

Still Mine To Give..

Darling girl, you think no one sees you And no one knows that you are still here No one remembers your little dreams Or your big heart which he did sear… But hold on,don’t let Read More

aN OdE To THiS MomEnt

In every moment of unhappiness, i have wished that the cause would undo itself.. the situation always seemed so hopeless and terrible and each one of the times i have truly believed that i could Read More

talent.. or is it???

I am not particularly sad, depressed or heartbroken… here is finally my chance to find out if I can truly write… :-) If you know what I mean Read More

the deal unsigned..

Oh yes! He loves meThat I know, if nothing else,for show it, he does,with such extravaganceIn his place by my side,from where I never find him goneAnd he could be the Read More

my smile, my armour

not always is my smile a mirror of happinessmany times it’s the torch i keep alight to tell myself and show the worldthat against its warsI haven’t yet surrendered my Read More


Through dark momentsa flickering candle it iswhich lights the one step ahead..Through lonely passages,it's the faint melodywhich mimicks a far-away friend..In neck deep Read More

mutually exclusive doors???..

one of the most difficult things to achieve in life is closure in its truest sense.. to get through a broken phase of life and bring back the heart to it virgin self.. it is in fact pretty much like Read More

to the very few ppl who matter...

I might be mostly undecidedon matters of the heartI may like someone in a momentand in the very next I just might not!!!I might know just what to sayTo you on your Read More

i love me

No i don't say that I'm unburntand I don't say I'm untouchedI may not be your idea of purity..haven't fought a religious war for anyone...But I've had a heart to giveThe guts Read More

whatt i know about you.. and what i hope for you

Embracing your eccentricities Willing to exist with all unconventional allure Commanding respect for your personStealing love with passion, yet denying the need for itBeing stubborn Read More

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