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Dilli, India

Happy Birthday Eminem

" You know I just don't get it Last year I was nobody, this year I'm selling records Now everybody wants to come around like I owe 'em something The fuck you want from me, ten million dollars? Get Read More

ज्योत्सना हो तुम

ज्योत्सना हो तुम मेरे ख्यालों की मैं आँखें बंद करता हूँ और तुम चारो ओर हो Read More


तुम्हारी आँखों पर लगा कर चुल्लू पहले तो हर बूँद उदासी की पी लूँगा फिर Read More

Criticism vs Judgment

It has been quite time I have been observing a few things going on here on Writerbabu. What caught my attention the most is that posts of people are rated and it, as intended, is taken by writers as Read More


Compositions Are not here They departed Along with, Parted Like fragments Of my song Pieces That I try To put together An art Incomplete Whose One silver Missing It Like a surge Of ocean Went Read More

Memoirs of my Childhood

I was such an engineer in my childhood. Totally fail engineer though. I used to play with broken cars, died battery cells and empty matchboxes. Sometimes I even stole dolls of my sister to play with, Read More

My Lost Rose

तुम्हारे नाम के आँसू जो मेरी आँख में आयें मेरी सुलगती रूह को ज़रा सा चैन मिल Read More

If That Takes Me To You

I shall destroy the edges of time And borrow some from eternity I have the craving If that takes me to you. I shall travel across the ages And cross the path of universe I have the craving If that Read More

The Forbidden Book

You are a book Written in two halves And I am Forbidden To read any one of them A chapter entitled Love And the other one Longings. I am fragile And vulnerable More then ever Such a reader I am An Read More

The Book That Smells Of Scotch

It is one of finest written book in modern literature, and a heart braking one -- as reviews suggest, though not a love story. I wouldn't tell you name of the book though. I made this pleasant Read More

The Brightest Star

This poem in memory of my beloved mother. Love you mother, so much, like always. Once the teacher asked kids, To write their favorite wish on paper One little girl wanted a room full of Read More


लड़ रही है अकेली कोने में पड़ी लालटेन जैसे लड़ता हूँ हर रात मैं अपने ही आप से Read More

Notes - From Nib of Heart

-- अपनी एक कहानी -- दर्द की तलाश में निकले, और देखो तुमसे मुलाकात हो गयी Read More

#MMLP2 Shady is Back

... I visited his official site and I was like... hicc! Almost got a small heart-attack of joy. Hahaha..! I feel like dancing. I dont feel like sleeping at all tonight. I feel like celebrating. Read More

Place: Jaffna, Population : 88,138

Disclaimer: This is not exactly a review but what I felt about entire incident after watching movie. This article contains no spoilers. ... Assassination of Ex Prime Minister of India, Read More

Oh Saturday ! You Are Such a Freak

Let me start with a confession! This is how I lost my phone,"I dropped it in middle of road to board a cab to go home." How one could be such a dumbfuck. Lazy Saturday mornings are best spent Read More

When I'm Gone - Eminem When I'm Gone is one of songs I madly love, probably the one that I love the most. In a confession assembly, Em raps this song about his family, Read More

-- Ansari. Good Night --

Bhabhi's flight was early. She landed at 18:45. I reached by 22:00. Got some biryani from La Kababiya for her on way which was later eaten by both of us. Moved to T3 to receive her sister who was Read More

-- Mujhe Muskurata Hua --

In loving memory of Aayush Pratap Singh. अलग नहीं थे तुम उस हर एक शख्स से जो मिला मुझे ज़िन्दगी में और Read More

WB Insights: A Quick Study on Anonymity

Hi Everyone, Since the post ‘Why o' Why Thou Anonymous’ is involving us positively into the discussion weather Anonymous posts on WB are adequate or a writer should disclose their Read More

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