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Light and Dark

I saw her face light up as she approached the piano. Slowly she placed herself on the small stool, and began to run her fingers over the keys. Then in grave anticipation, she pressed one. The sound Read More

I'm Noida, he's Dwarka.

He comes across as rude, I tend to soothsay. He calls himself a rebel, And I'd much rather obey. He likes to keep it in, And I love to share. He tends to brush things off, When I can't help but Read More

I'm Sorry, Dad.

Even though it's really late, I can't put my thoughts to rest. The shame keeps rising up in me, Too big to be inside my chest. The guilt of all I'd done, The pain I saw in my father's eyes. The Read More

What reminds me of you

A moment of recognition, In a song I long forgot. A random memory flashing, With every speeding thought. The metro ride home, Or a moment spent alone. The vacuum in the places, Where the past is Read More

Let You Go

And there you go, Breaking my heart again. I don't want to hear it, No need to pretend. I'm staring at the ceiling, Unable to sleep. I'm tired of promises, The ones you couldn't keep. Maybe I Read More

I cried in college today

I don't really know why, But I cried in college today. I've been tired for quite some time, Unable to find a way. Maybe it was the bruises, Or the muscle pull and sprain. Maybe it was my Read More

I forgot how to write.

I forgot how to write, When I forgot how to live, I forgot to move on, When I didn't quite forgive. The words don't come easy, I write till I ache. I rub off all I scribble, Forgetting the point I Read More

The Angry Rant Of A Misunderstood Teenager

Skinned at the surface, Sore deep inside. Sick of emotions, The ones I have to hide. Hurt replaces anger, And reason goes out quick. An urge to hit someone, So hard that it makes me sick. They say Read More

Too Many Goodbyes And Not Enough Rain

Too many goodbyes, And not enough rain. Of love and loss, But not enough gain. Fingertips slipping, Losing all your touch. Running back for hugs, Holding on too much. Too many goodbyes, And not Read More

Am I Your Bro Or Your Hoe?

You talk of video games, Of action movies and Batman. You talk about Billie Joe, And girls I cannot stand. I'm sick of being addressed, By cuss words that you throw. I'm waiting for you to see, That Read More

Success, Or Is It Failure?

She watched from the top, As they slogged and sweat. She watched with guilt, And pyramids of regret. She'd taken them out, One by one. Didn't matter who it was, She'd get the work done. When she Read More

Live, Until You Die.

Expectations crashing down, The tears don't make a sound. Love doesn't exist, Yet it did when we kissed. Teach me how, Will I ever learn? To pull my hands away, Cause the flame will always Read More

No one gives a shit

You cry, Fail when you try. You stop, Let the tears drop. You look at your phone, You're all alone. You call out, You scream and shout. You write a poem, All the while just numb. All the people who Read More

A Bee That Never Took A Bath

Tim covered his face, As all the bees passed by. But they gave him funny looks, He didn't know how or why. He reached his bitter home, To find his unloving mother. She was giving all her love, To Read More

Recipe To Ruin Your Life

Take half a cup of anger, Stir it really well. Take it out on your mother, Scream, shout, and yell. Take all your hardwork, And put it to fry. Watch your labour burn, And leave the ashes to Read More

I Don't Care

I don't care about love, Or matters of the heart. I don't care if it's the end, Or yet another start. I don't care about you, Or how fucked up you are. I don't care if you mean All those songs on Read More

Hey There Delilah

"Hey there Delilah What's it like in New York City, I'm a thousand miles away but girl, tonight you look so pretty. Yes you do..." My favourite song. It makes me sing, dance, live, laugh, love, cry, Read More

A Movie That Blew My Mind Away

Love me if you dare. "Jeux d'enfants" (original title) I was just looking for a girly rom com to watch tonight, when I stumbled upon this movie. Great ratings, and the reviews intrigued me. It was Read More

What Defines Me

Results came out, I was forced to look within. Was I really a loser, Or was I about to win? It doesn't matter who I beat, I got a ninety four. I may not be the best, I may be better than many Read More


Hours and hours, And more restless hours. The days turn into nights, And the sun into stars. Tossing and turning, Heaving and sighing. Screaming inside, And getting tired of crying. No mock Read More

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