Cancelled by Cancer!

Note: We all know what the word CANCER is potent of. There are lakhs and crores, fighting this battle courageously. But there also are some unfortunate souls out there, who couldn't make through it. Read More

The last bidding...

Yes, I know you loved me! But wasn't it a permanent thing? Had I taken you granted, or Had I left you hurting? Days you spared for me, I thought you meant it all! Promises you made to me, Thought I Read More

Lines of a lover...!

You were my best gift, You were my best lesson, You were all I ever wanted, In my search of heaven! What was in my life, Before I had found you? As empty as vacuum, Blank, was every view! In your Read More

Some days of life!

Some days can be full of bloom, Some days are too dull and gloom. Some days be filled, all in hope, Some days we try hard to cope! Some days leave us satisfied. Some days make us petrified! Some Read More

S(HE) thought...

Autor disclaimer: This write up is just a piece of imagination. It does not intend to hurt the feelings of any gender. So kindly read it without any personalization or generalization! She laid Read More

Life is a..What not?

Life is a limited offer; No one is an exception to death! Life is an open opportunity; All you earn is all you worked for! Life is a competition; Birth starts it and death ends it! Life is a Read More

Forever... Until?

"We were in love... He loved being loved and I loved loving him. We were each other's best gift! A gift earned in return to the sacrifices our success demanded. We were, indeed, each other's success! Read More

Matter of time!

When things were changing, you never knew WHY. But now that you know WHY, you are the most thankful person; appreciating every curve, bend and turn. That is the beauty of life. It allows you to Read More

Voice of the Soul...

Broken and scarred I may be, But they do not define my soul; Picking up every piece of me, I will rebuild myself, whole. Not a weak person, never was I A victim born for your slashes; But fire, Read More

Live in TODAY!

Days pass, years add & age rolls with them; Dreams stay struck with in the reality's game; 'Doing' and 'want to do' drift far, far apart; Desparation for success, high, before we depart. Choices Read More

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