Saswatkumar Dash

Bangalore, Software Developer


"Had he been in the same city, I guess we wouldn't have broken up" I listened to her as she narrated her story. With numb eyes fixated down on something random. She looked disturbed, her Read More


A Mother... A lady who bears her child for nine long months in her womb... A lady full of love and compassion... A lady who can welcome death with no regrets but won't let her child to drop even a Read More

Even this will pass. . .

You wait for hours to meet someone. You wait for days and months to meet that special someone in your life. You wait for long years. That someone whom you loved since your teen. That someone with Read More

At Sixty-1

There was this young old-man I met a few days back. Retired from his professional work, he spends time reading books and visiting places. When I say visiting places, I mean walking to places. Read More

Save My Soul

Last night, I was travelling to this new land I was completely unaware of. I met new people, people with smiles on their face. And a few with blood-filled swollen eyes, diseased limbs and crying Read More

You come to me and say

In the midst of my day In the dead of my sleep Flowing like a stream of bliss You come to me and say . . . While a song I write When a music I play Floating like a lily You come to me and say . . Read More

The Hangover

In the dead of hangover Floating weightless in air Nothing crosses my unconscious mind But your smile so pure and rare... They kept asking me about myself Tore apart my past and my lovely heart Wish Read More

The Supreme Power !

Unseen, unspoken are His forms Undoubted is His blessings Uncountable are His gifts Unforgettable is He ! Unthinkable is His justice Incomparable is His love Unnoticeable are His Read More

A Crush !

In the walk of life, we happen to meet many people. And out of them all, some happen to leave a very deep impression on our mind. No matter how hard we try to take them out of our system, they Read More

Man Karta Hai. . .

Tumhare liye kuch karne ka man karta hai Chaand taaro ki baat toh sab karte hain, Tumhare liye zameen pe ye aasman le anne ko man karta hai Tumhare ek muskaan ke liye sau bar main mar jaun Tumhara Read More

Searching for Eternity

Amidst the roaring crowd I can hear my heart throbbing... Under the alluring lights of the city I can feel the calm darkness of my mind... Searching for You miles East And searching for You miles Read More

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