Shehzadi Shweta

Jaipur, India, BFtech, Nift, Garment engineer,lecturer, Mody University, Singing,Philosophy,Poetry,IE

Expressions and emotions-World

Some say i m negative, some say i positive, some say i m caring, some say i m heartless, what should i do in this big bad world, where everyone play a Read More

Falling in love yet again ..but with no expectations

Yet again,it was a bright sunny day, Walking accross the streets of Delhi, With vibrant shades and varied people, with Hustle of leaves of upcoming spring, honking Read More

Renege of life

Frankly speaking ,very few people believe in life after death,even many of the religions don't do and why should we..What can be possible implication of having a lie after death.Recently i saw a Read More

A never ever ever ending road

Foot steps....foot steps...foot steps...... Turning around again foot steps... Who was there in the shadow of darkness who had been following me,who was he or she? Was a killer or a well wisher.. I Read More

Family-reality and truth

I am not being at all negative before starting my gist about explaining how the world turns round and round and shuts itself into a black hole..When you are alone and have many people around you,they Read More

Waking up in morning after a eventful night!!!

Getting up in morning is so up hill task! When sleep late in night, Looking at Facebook to Bask, Wondering where your friends have gone You look at nice places with full of scorn.. You try to sleep Read More

Christmas and me

Although i am not a Christian, Still i believe in Santa Claus, Every year in my childhood, He used to pause, I looked up in morning. I always got a pretty gift, I thought i got what i was Read More

Winter Day

sitting in office, checking Google, using search page on and off to toggle, keeping to myself on a cold cold day, my legs are dwindling ,i am walking in sway, i wish to see sun,i wish to feel Read More

Sad demise of a library...

As i was roaming in the lanes of south ex in new delhi,alone lost in my own world seeing people busy in their own lives ,youngsters chatting with their friends,richies driving across in fast lanes Read More

Past and present

What's past and what present? Whats urgent and whats frequent? In my 22 years i know it all, because i have seen and betrothed it all, there were days when i used to be innocent and foolish, life Read More


nadaan the woh pal...nadaan thi woh baatein,nadaan tha woh ishq,nadaan thi fariyaade,nadaan si raatein,nadaan the woh zakhm,nadaan thi woh kasame,nadaan the woh Read More

Wo bhool gaye

pyaar humse unse itna hua ki hum apne aap ko bhool gaye,do pal ki sapno ki dunia me sare gham bhool gaye,afsane bana dia humne,nazrane bana dia humne,beintehaah aisi mohabbat ki Read More

FED up...

I was fed Up trying to clarify things to people who never realised matter hw many times u proved them wrong they always came up with clarifications ..putting me on the wrong side and Read More

LOVE...belief and fantasy

People say love is is devotion,love is connection,love is infatuation,they take it 4 so mnt things,they give it so mny meaning,sm take Read More


Wen i fell in love with you,it was like dream come true,you were mine,you were the one with whom i wanted to stay forever,den with storms and dark clouds,came the rain pouring Read More

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