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New Delhi, India,, IIT Delhi, Entrepreneur

Online Diary Writing

You can write a personal diary online here on WriterBabu. I started it few years back and have been writing it almost every week since then. There are times when there is so much happening in life Read More

Freedom of speech in India

I wrote this comment on a post which asks a question: Is right to freedom of speech in India only on papers?? Whatever you say yes or no. Please explain it with reason. Yes or no would be Read More

Hey Hey Reader Babu

I am a reader and I have always fun. In-fact I think reading is much more fun than writing. First of all writing is a difficult task, atleast for me. Correct the grammar mistakes, spelling Read More

What I like

I like to read. I like to read few posts here and comment. It gives me a great pleasure to read a single post and leave my comment over it. I don't know why but its really relaxing when after whole Read More

A really Long Comment

As usual my comments exceed length of a post and hence this time am writing one as a post too. A comment on the article ... ----- A great article indeed. And indeed a great way to touch a topic Read More

The Visiting Faculty speaks

Aha, writing after a long time. Had been busy. Now when you see such a title and starting, what would someone think about it? Well, it depends. Someone who loves visiting faculty will be ecstatic or Read More

What it takes to be Great

Here is a collection of the best that I could collect. Lines which makes you nostalgic of the moment you first saw these on screen. Lines which echo to the deepest corners of your heart. Yes they Read More

Quotes on Reading from famous Writers

Today I stumbled upon a webpage which listed some really great quotes from various famous writers. Here is a collection. So enjoy ... keep reading ... reading is fun :) “When I get a little Read More

Art of Reading

Many times, infact most of the times am in hurry. Lots of things to do, places to go, people to meet and emails and messages to reply and what not. And midst of that when I read a post on WriterBabu, Read More

Hold on? No, let go!

Hold on or let it go?Once I asked this tricky question to a person considered great and adored by many and his answer was simple, "do what you feel like in the moment and have faith that Read More

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