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I wish to live where....

I wish to live, by mountains—near the river Murmuring lowly, feeling the utmost pleasure Where I could breathe the scent of cold fresh air Stretch my arms & dance happily, with no care Where the Read More

An Unexpected call

When heaven's train makes an unexpected call We go away, though people make a mournful squall Though they cry a thousand calls Our part is over though span is small Body a vehicle & soul a Read More

Rain rain come again

Rain rain come again Washing away all my pain Again with you I yearn to dance I plead, give me a chance Barren lands are crying Farmers are mourning Can't you hear the cry of the earth? Without you, Read More

The Demons

With a million fears & unseen tears; I close my eyes, wish to fall asleep But then, My demons come to play with me To challenge me & neutralize me A thousand memories my heart recalls; Again my Read More

I wish I had a Super Power

I wish I was a super hero; Where all bad politics & crime I would throw; Make my country deceit & corruption free All bribery drowned & my country would glee! I wish I had a super power; I would Read More

The hungry beggar

Near the cities, far from fields & lawns; There laid a beggar man, shivering in the dawn His pale blue eyes wearing a frown; Cursing his Life, Wishing he wasn't born! To hear the sound of a coin was Read More

Where the Ink speaks ......

Nobody loves me, Nobody cares; Not even a single soul, everyone just glare! Life is turning lot more than hell; Earth is no more a place for me to dwell! No sound, not even of a single Read More

Life, an adventurous ride!

Life is a song; Sometimes, rhythm goes wrong; Never fear the failure all along; Lets conquer & grow more strong! Life is a game; So it shall never be the same; To win the game is something; But the Read More

First Love!

When I first met you, You were the one I never knew; I don't have a clue, for how our friendship grew! Sharing the best secrets & untold stories; Time made us the best & true of friends! Time & Read More

Between Love & fear!

We can never stay together; Though its clear; Why God makes me fall for you dear? Why my every beat is bringing you near? On the bare sand here; I sit with a ocean of tears; Struggling between Love & Read More

With a million dreams!

I am that girl, with a million dreams; With urge my heart echos & screams! Where words flow like a bush stream; Hoping my every dream sheen! With a million, in my heart; Never let them go Read More

Unlock me! I wanna fall in love with life again!

Almost two years passed; Since I breathed my life a last! Life, a lifeless; Breath a breathless; Each breath has become a waste; But almost the dead soul, running in haste! Dreams & life, shattered Read More

Prosperous New Year 2014! :)

With new dreams & aspirations 2014 coming all way; Swaying the tears & miseries away! '14, yet a fresh page unturned unfold; With new strength, lets see what the page holds! '13 was a mixed taste of Read More

I wanna land on Mars! :P

I wanna leave this materialistic earth; For I find no more a mirth For that doesn't mean I wanna die; I wanna fly to mars with a great sigh! For I am tangled in earthly world & earthly things; Wanna Read More

If I die tomorrow!

If the sun doesn't rise for me tomorrow Will you fill your heart with sorrow? For my happy days on earth is over; And heaven is pulling me closer! Though how much you shed your tears; And scream & Read More

Who are you?!

Yeah you, Who are you? May I have a clue? Making me think you are always mine? Whirling in my head all the time! Stop always troubling & disturbing me; For I am going completely insane! Why do you Read More

Breaking free!

Locked up in the mesh, in the cage; Wings have broken since a many age. Tangled in so many worries & unknown tensions; It has turned to a life, without any intentions! Why am I bounded like a Read More

Never give up on your dreams!

Never be lost in a crowd; For, if you want your success to sound loud! Dream, dream a dream with might; Work for it dream, though hard & tight! Even if you come to the end of rope; Never let your Read More

Thank you!

When I first stepped into this ISE family; Met an adventurous teacher, known for creativity! Always patient, polite & calm even in great stress; Giving never less than the very best!! Making every Read More

Life is but an empty dream!

An empty life. An empty dream; Life is but an empty dream! Memories, happiness defined in the past; Rhythm of life dwell ed in the past; Is it only the memories that last? Thus the tone of Read More

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