Batool Zehra


ThE Power Drug

What is the most addictive substance ever known to have tantalize human senses ? Heroine? Hashish? No. It’s power. Power to be in domination; power to make or break; power in its undiluted Read More

The battle of emotions..

“Behold my mighty kingdom!” bellowed Remorse, perched atop a lofty throne; Disgust, mistrust, their loyalties endorsed, All Cheered in attendance, as he droned! And there set smiling Read More

A day in English

This is a poem that I composed for my students whom I will be teaching English this year. This was both my introduction and my opening gambit, which was way more fun than a simple monologue.. This Read More

A Day in life of a Spinster.

If you ask me, I love being a spinster, especially now that I have come to better accord with the world but truth be told, this freedom of mine rests on a precarious balance, for I am very near Read More

A Letter From Grief

Dear patiently waiting,You have been patient..lesson 1 completed. I know you have held on long, longer than I would have expected you to, and just when I thought you would break down, you Read More

Of Liars and Lying.

There is a breed of humans which specializes in lying. They are devious, evasive and sneaky. They lie through their teeth and they do it so silkily, you would be taken by the charade.Despite Read More

A story of eyes

Brown, heavily lidded, veiled by big lashes, people told her eyes were her appeal. They made you want to know the secrets of her soul, decipher what toiled in her mind, while she regarded you with Read More

How to shoo away sadness.

Tomorrow, dare to be different. Break your pattern. Take a day off and get lost in the city. You are alive and you are a writer. Roam the city, drink in the sights with your eyes..plug in your Read More

I am me.

I am me.You won’t like me right away,But that’s okay,I planned it that way.Camouflage is the best defense.I am me.In all my nothingness, God still made me Read More


“Run you dogs! She is a girl for crying out loud! How far could she have gone!?” Basil bellowed. The night is dark but he is darker and when he strides on ahead, his muscles ripple, his hefty Read More

That thing called Love..

love is a funny thing, a thing of mystery..It's not screeching loud, neither fiery red, nor vulgarly blatant..That's Lust..his sister..Love is beautiful in a different kind of Read More

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