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Mai Bhi Sayad...

Vaqt agar tham sa jata, aur ye hawayen na rukti kabhi. Mai bhi sayad mil jata, us samundar se, jo kabhi mili nahi. in hare patton ki aar me, chip jaun mai kabhi. Sukh jayenge jald hi ye, murjha Read More


Dedicated to the most beautiful woman on earth. Like the soothing wind, that flows down the endless river. Like the big banyan tree, that shades souls in summer. you are there, you are Read More

Mountain Girl

I sipped some more of my cold coffee and re-checked my watch. It was half past seven and and still Aditi was nowhere to be seen. I pinged her on whatsapp for the third time. 'Are you coming or Read More

In search of "Happiness"

""Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind the memory of any unpleasant thing that has passed." - Unknown" "October 14, 2007" Everything turned black. A thick layer of smoke Read More

The Last Leaf

Standing beneath a rootless tree, A song less wind blew past me. At the slightest touch, setting the world free. And then a green leaf, with it's end cut deep, came floating down. Still so fresh, Read More

Sunny Days

I kept away from the shores of this sea which I would visit every now and then. Here on those lazy afternoons I would come and dig my fingers deep into the sand. One moment there would be a Read More

A last Goodbye

[ Lost in my words I write this, I shall leave this piece of blank paper to them. Let them write my stories in it and find theirs in mine. ] I wish I could break the cuffs and fly out towards the Read More

The lost diary

An old diary, and it's unwritten pages, was dusted down today. After almost ages. And the ones, which had a story to tell, had been washed out. By time's long spell. I picked it up, to read it's Read More

~In my Dreamland ~

I have walked on those pebbles, a thousand miles far far away. In a land of dreams, where I would forever stay. And there, beneath that old peepal tree. I would sit, scribbling out something , that Read More

Broken Bangles

Her face looked the same as it was the time I had seen her first. I was amazed about how just in fraction of seconds I took down every detail. The locks tucked behind her ears, her cheek with a Read More

Dying to be free ~

Near that old window, in a rusted little cage. Lives a bird dying everyday. The once bright feathers , have faded out now. It's eyes are dry, they keep staring the sky. Flying has been a distant Read More

Between the letters...

Okay then, I will tell you a story today. Not so long, neither too short. Maybe you will love it, maybe you will not. Whatever be it just keep mum and listen. ~Long long time ago in the far far land Read More

Blood and Cigarettes

PRESENT DAY... Far near the horizon, the sun is setting. The sky yellowish with a tint of red and orange. Prateek who had been sitting under a Peepal tree, gets up. His feet strangling, heavy feels Read More

That Rainy Night

20th September, 2006 [11:30 pm] It started raining heavily that night. I was standing near the window watching the glittering lights outside. As the rain took over the few people who could be seen Read More

Nature's Stories

Out on the veranda, I stand, with a coffee mug in my hand. The blue skies and snowy clouds above me, and an old tree with still so green leaves, I see. A soothing breeze hits my face, a sparrow Read More

The left over...

Everything happens for a reason and everyday of our life is a new journey which leads us to several roads and where with every single step we learn something worthwhile ~ It was a cold winter Read More

The date was 26/11

"I am prescribing some tests, and only after that I shall come to some conclusion" the doctor said. I was sitting in the doctor's chamber of the nearby government hospital with my mother. The doctor Read More

52 seconds

Putting his hands inside the pocket, wearing a full sleeved sweater made of pure sheep wool Kaushal hurried to his class. It was freezing cold but his sweater kept him warm enough. "Why are you Read More

Friends- In the bitter reality.

The alarm clock was ringing furiously Vijay was too tired to even move. "Wake up you lazy creature." his younger sister pushed him hard but there was nothing that could stop him from sleeping. Juhi Read More

~ tere yaad me ~

Aaj kai din baad tu yaad aaya. jise bhul chuka tha mai ab tak, Wo ehsaas saayad wapis hai aaya. Jab karib tha tu mere, Tujhe mai samaj na paaya, Aaj tu mujhe kuch yaad sa aaya. Tujhme doob jane ki Read More

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