By - Sam Mukherjee in Fiction
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Published on: 8th Nov, 2013

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I saw those snowy clouds return, the sky didn't have a shade of dark today. Painted deep blue with white snowy clouds in contrast. The sun was heading overhead shining brightly. Before the same old window where I had spent some memorable time in the last few days, I sat. My head resting on my hands, my eyes fixed to the skies. Two pigeons flapped their wings and flew away. I envied them, their freedom. I wanted to fly away just like they did. I couldn't. "Close that window, we are leaving." Lifelessly I turned to find dad behind me. My moist eyes now shed a drop or two. My hands were paralyzed. I struggled to lift them up to the window. Somehow, I closed the window. The room lost it's brightness immediately, I fell aback. "I know, it's hard for you." Mom put her hands on my

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