Untruly True

By - Sam Mukherjee in Fiction
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Published on: 9th Apr, 2013

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First of all thanks for giving your valuable time for reading this book. This is a fictional short story and I guess will not take much time to read.Since this is a short story I have divided it into smaller chapters. The story will take you back in time and I bet while reading you can get a glimpse of today's India too, How? well I will come to that at the end of this small book. Enjoy reading and be free to leave your views and comments. I would also like to thank Srijan. Thanks Big bro! for creating this wonderful website. Well this is my first book, I hope you enjoy reading! ************************************

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wish there was more

I loved your story and you are right the British times did come to mind. The story line is heart touching simply because it is so close to reality. How people choose to create fiction around them. And very effectively block the truth out! dialogues are kept simple and clear for understanding.
There could be more details in sketching the scenes and appearances, but then u mentioned earlier that its a short story... so that is another job well done cuz the clarity of both is amazing.
Looking forward to reading more from you.
Keep writing! :)

Written by: Fuzzy Brain   ∣   Added:   October 12th, 2014

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