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Hyderabad, India, books, swimming, and daydreaming

Two Fronts

To fight a losing battle With men, being slaughtered beside like cattle, Yet, facing your foe, unyielding in death, So that your countrymen can enjoy a free breath. In spite of odds, so Read More

Mind Games

The way my life goes, I feel the need for ego’s. For every man believes he’s best, When all he is, is nothing but a jest. Forever I strive like a knight, Night and day against all odds I Read More

The Surf on the Rocks

The spray of the ocean on the rocks below creates a sound that is reverberating in his head. The sound of wave after wave crashing against the rocky shore, down below represented his turmoil aptly. Read More


Only the deepest of love can bring about the deepest of hatred and only the heights of hope can land you in fathoms of despair. She was ignoring me, not even looking at me. She just walked past me Read More

Terrorism and its evolution from relegion

... The concept of terrorism from religion isn't something that is new in this world or it isn't something that surprised the various armies all around. The fact is that its been existing since Read More

Beginnings of a Horizon

So far men have travelled Yet so much left to unravel But, today is a day of celebration Because you have come a year closer to cremation Through each summer, rainy, winter and spring we pass To Read More

What to with our time??

There is a question asked about a lot. What would you do with your time? I would answer it differently at different times because only time lends a perspective on what to do with time. At certain Read More


The grass is green splashing across it is some spleen To a ravens’ feast Filling the hearts of mighty beasts Two giant armies fighting in vain Their fires smoldering despite heavy rain Bent on Read More

The Drama of Destiny

Over the mountains mighty hold, Through the dungeons dark, deep and cold. A traveler, on a crossroad stands, In search of fairies land, For a city built on ageless sand, To the tunes of an eternal Read More

A journey's Guide

As I walk down a lonely road, Looking back on all my decisions I bode, hesitating at, which of life’s bus to board, worried about all the past one that I rode, Bleeding from all the wounds Read More

The Fourty Mile Run

A quiet peaceful spring evening, surviving in the wild was an easy task. The water flowing in the crystal clear stream was cold and refreshing. The air was crisp and fresh, devoid of all the Read More

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