Handcrafted Memories

snatch it before other kids could I followed that boy and reached to the corner of street He was there celebrating with his friends, brethren of Read More

The Life.....

it starts with a cry and curtain falls when we die in all the moments in between we witness colors of life it is red and dark when time is hard circumstances Read More

The dancing colors…..

A little girl one day decided to paint To paint something abstract; no shape To let brush dance on sheet with no restriction Let colors sense the rhythm her thoughts make So she took the palette of Read More

Mother Nature......

I was there, hiding though Making her feel unaware of me She was walking, and things were strange Her steps were causing nature to change Flowers were adorning her path, themselves Birds were Read More


Dusty, rusty, weathered, old, Dull, weak and having many holes, Tempered wood, weakened from core, And I am watching- an old wooden door. When I was a kid, this door was bitter enemy to me, It used Read More

Insane and hopeless are we

Insane and hopeless are we Stolid, ready to succumb, to flee Inhuman and insensible chaps Weak, pallid, even our words are craps Shouting, screaming, manifesting rage Though hiding our weakness Read More

a girl....

A drop from abode of gods, Fell on earth, incarnated, personified, With it, feeling, all divine, came Lackadaisical attributes got vivified, A rose from heaven shed its petal And it took shape of a Read More

I am there 0nly…....

You saw me, on a cross road, I was cherished and satiated, Into my own world, fascinated, You were sad, under invisible load, We jumped, we walked together, No destination, free and tranquil, You Read More

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