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home is were the heart is..

home is where the heart is, but to call this house a home? a house is a place for us, home is what we make of it. home is where the heart is, did we build it on solid ground? i have faith, but hope Read More

Time Piece

No time, we lost the value of it. No space, I filled it up with grief. I realized this from time to time - There is infinite space in space. Chase a dream, It fell out my pocket. Status quotes, I Read More

Tough Luck?

never east say west for it does not concern itself which such things. The world orbits the sun, the sun orbits a black hole, time is none existent, we count by numbers we can record, what is one Read More

shoe size

you talk the talk yet to walk the walk. in these shoes you might not walk or talk. your a good friend, I chose to believe this. but friends are friends out of convenience. brothers are friends out Read More

I would'nt Know

The world never ran out of good people, good people just ran out of patience. there is a smile on peoples faces, smiles can be masked, but yours are wary. I fear that I can be blinded by Read More

if time ripples, I passed that present. mum, I tell you I love you. you tell me 'but your naughty'. there was a boy you raised, I'm the man who became. and time would fly, but the ground lays beneath Read More


When people die do they extinct When I die, I feel I'll extinct. When my thoughts leave earth, I'm sure they have extinct. Cause they'll be no one like me. Should I explain further, I doubt you had Read More

Time-Line (its a progression)

Don't chase my status it got stuck in mud, Can't reach my thoughts - it drifts in space. Spread your wings and you can fly there, Drop your stress and worries, its not allowed there. We don't always Read More

There are no names for numbers, so days are timed, ...

There are no names for numbers, so days are timed, but time runs out for our days. What is the continuation? Do we sleep and dream forever, some sleeps are dreamless. I did not do this yesterday, so Read More

The Living

My dreams have no limit. I climb floating mountains I ate a flake from the clouds. I flew among the highest creatures. I aim for the stars. I hide from reality. I disguise as the moon dancers. I rise Read More


What is the reason for my failed attempts? I'm not proud of these things. You are meant to learn from your past trials, There's nothing to learn here! Remembering is a punishment, But they are all Read More

To Whom It May Concern

The thing about life to me is it sways time and time again... Sure it ripples with repeated mistakes and new trials, but really the purpose is sometimes not clear. For religion sake, it can be Read More

I am weak

I am weak. you are the strength that leaves me, please don't take my strength away. I am weak. I am broken and in pieces, but what is broken is most easily fixed only you can fix me. I am weak. I Read More

Into Darkness

you were the light in this room, your light has moved from me. i am in the darkness now, it is no strange place for me, i have been here before, not to visit or spend the night. i live here now, Read More

Soar Loser

I’m only sad cause you’ll find someone new. And I guess he is better than me. Cause I tried to get close, but you wasn't open. So i take it he is better than me. Cause he has been place you Read More


Knocking on a closed door, should it open. Looking to have a ride, where is your token? Funny thing is, it wasn't even funny. Gazing up with a smile when it isn't even sunny. Because thoughts aren't Read More

when we fall

Time flies but I stay grounded. Tears dry, cause I stay mounted. A conversation wouldn't kill us, just the silence. Confrontation wouldn't kill me, but your distance. Taking things slow Read More

My last thoughts

Thoughts are spontaneous, mostly over a situation, remembering or in the action. My thoughts of you are straight forward, your eyes, nose, lips, scent and physique, funny my compliments give a Read More

The Way I See It

I believe young people are sick from taking relationships a little bit to far. sometimes it works and a couple of the times it sucks. I see relationships as a journey in a journey, spec of the Read More

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