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I'm in Love With a Boy

I'm in love with a boy..... Whose arrival makes me jump with joy Whose touch makes my heart beat faster Whose arms make me feel the safest ever Whose presence Read More

Truth or Dare

"Truth or Dare?" shouted everyone as her Read More

Faking it

Sometimes people eventually get so tired of faking it that it starts showing. Their partly chapped lips can no more hide the words that were never to be uttered. Their eyes can no more hold Read More

I tell you

I tell you When you give your heart to someone, And your soul wants to be with just one. When you know its him, Who will love you more than anyone can think. Your soul craves for his Read More

The Real Coward

Who is weaker? The one who breaks down when is struck by misery or the one who keeps standing there showing the world that he is unaffected? Most people will say that the person who breaks down is Read More

Darkness in the Light of Its Mysterious Aura

Darkness is an evil that wants to capture things that it is envious of. Envy that keeps growing whenever it is replaced each day with light. Light that brings hope, faith, joy, smiles and Read More

Teenage Love

We both were strangers before, But somewhere felt that something was more. Were we just friends or something else? What was between us, was hard to guess. We began to pass smiles, Then were lost in Read More

Looking Back...

I wiped the fogged glass, Of the windows of my treacherous past. I tried to look through But could not see any bright hue. Something was preventing me from looking outside. It were the scratches on Read More

When Words Are Not Needed......

The first thing I wanted to do after coming back from Dehradun was to give her a surprise. Not a moment was spent without her in my head. She must have had Virat(her boyfriend) in her head tough. I Read More

I Wish To Never Be A Girl Again......

I wish I was a boy, Who could do whatever gave him joy. Who could raise his voice, Whenever he wanted to make a choice. I wish I could free, Myself from all the Read More


Tu paas nahi par dur bhi kaha Mere saamne nhi pr tujhme hai saara jaha Teri kami se zyada teri maujudgi ka ehsaas hai mujhe Har ek chiz me paati hun tujhe Bhulna chaahu bhi tohh kaise bhulu Tune meri Read More

A Missing Word Spoilt It All!

It was the 10th of June, 2012. A friend of mine had come with his friends to a Mall near my house and had called me to meet him there. As I came up the Escalator I saw a girl with straight hair Read More

Dedicated To My Friends... :)

Whenever I was upset I made a call To those who held me when I was about to fall Whose voice made me forget The last time that I was upset Who taught me that life's Read More

Shattered Dreams..

I loved you with my heart and soul I was the one whose heart you stole You left me alone and went Bt forgot to return the heart that I lent Now that you are not here My heart is always in Read More

You're My Worst Nightmare... <\3

I lived in a world with only you and I, Where in your arms I could easily lie. Where my smile would be your life, And in your eyes i could see myslf as your would be wife. Read More

Forever Yours... <3

I was walking on the road all alone Without hoping to have someone known I had accepted things the way they were With no wish for anything dear Then you came my way Made a moment out of each day A Read More

Dear Mom... ;(

Would you cry if you saw me crying? And catch me if I was lying. Would you feel proud if I came first? And come forward to quench my thirst. You are always in front of me But your silence make me Read More

The Truth About Sucess.....

Success has become just a game Where each one is on his way to fame No one is your companion or friend Any wrong move may mean the end You need to keep moving forward Overcoming all obstructions Read More

The First Feeling of Love.. :)

I remember it to be a cool night The cool weather made my heart feel light I closed my eyes to feel the breeze Aftr a long time there was such peace My face glowed with a sudden smile I saw someone Read More

Crushed Soul

You walked out of her life turning her into a lifeless body with a crushed soul and a broken heart that would once beat for you... Read More

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