Jervas Dudley

Iowa, United States, College Graduate, Music,Reading,Writing,Art, and things generally nerdy.


The sunlight, choked by the thickening darkness Sets upon the vastness of the monochrome landscape. The fields rush forward before me As if to grasp what little warmth there is left The wind blows Read More

Void Of Days

The horizon draws nearer than before With limitless bounds The clouds are twisted and forlorn And seem to rise from the ground Dejected thoughts, despondent truth Overcast in my mind No purpose and Read More


The leaves begin to change their hues As they begin to wilt and crumble Simplistic beauty in such decay Strikes me back and leaves me humble The tree that once sustained the leaves Now a still and Read More

Promise (Midgard III)

Darkened skies loom heavier and nearer than before. The air grows thick, But not with anticipation. The chills that once ran my spine Are replaced with a gripping pressure That will not release It's Read More

Empty Portrait

Hollow sounds Clones of clones Empty words Swarming drones Suffering from this affliction Publicly-viewed crucifixion Human portrait Flesh as paint Shallow water No restraint Dying standards make Read More

The Eternal Fields

Burning flowers line the field where lonely figures stand, For they are the ones who shall forever walk this land. Near enough to touch, yet never fully aware, Of each others presence, and in such Read More

The Departure Of Myself

As I gaze upon the setting sun, The wind carrying foreign scents my way, A strange figure appears before my eyes. He asks me if I'm content With what I've done in life, and if I may ask for a second Read More

Funeral In Autumn

As I take a step outside To welcome the changing of the seasons The brisk autumn air fills me With mixed feelings Of both joy, and then despair, As it eventually evokes in me the isolation and Read More

Painful History

I've never been privileged In keeping company To call my own. Minus the few That have proven much loyalty, In the years I've walked among the realm of the living, I've always felt the Read More


You, in your self-righteousness, So innocent and pure of heart, Say unto me that we must part ways The day of my return home, Which I find so utterly convenient Considering the day before You Read More

Emerald Giants

Surrounded in a vast sea of emerald As I quietly observe what lay about me, I feel as strong a connection as I would With anyone I know on the most personal of levels. Truly, this is where I am meant Read More

Hashtags and Bodybags

Acronyms and broken grammar Put on their aprons, and with the cleaver of social media, Slaughtered the English Read More


Marching forward synchronically To the mechanized drumming Of machines clanking in unison Producing the fruits Of our economical tree Which thrives upon A well-measured blend Of naivety and Read More

Dear You (Midgard II)

You, with your eyes of immeasurable depth, Looking hesitantly at what lay around you, As careful is your nature by heart, Yet displaying the tenderness that I know only by you. Such eyes speak Read More

Universal Will

Uncovering forgotten tomes What might be this reality Gazing upon new horizons With dark clouds of obscurity Afraid to seek out what is lost This universal truth The mouth that must devour time Bares Read More


The chill in the air began to grow. Steadily, it made it's way through the confines of my being as the air began to change. This chill was not one of fear, but of anticipation, as I cast my gaze Read More

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