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New Delhi, India, B. Arch First Year, Vastu Kala Academy, Student, Writer, Dancer, Singing,Painting,Dancing,Writing.


Kusumlata draped her saree over her shoulders, in the typical bengal style. Her dark complexion complemented the light pink taant she was wearing. As she finaly went on to complete her look with a Read More

The sorrow of the creeper

I am the creeper, without the spine.. relentless for support to grow, to flourish and let myself breathe the air which, as I have heard. is so fresh, from the mouths of those tall proud trees, who Read More


Beneath my buried thoughts, the pressure gained, reminding me each time, a lot of time had passed And with those tears that rained the bed seemed moist, as the memories flashed. I wanted to whisper Read More

Weight of the Marriage Bangles

The Puja room was covered and full of cobwebs. And the statue Statue of the deities told they had being lying in utter negligence. Little Pihu opened the wooden box to reveal a red bangle possessed Read More

In the Examination Hall

The butterflies of emotions would wander, hovering upon her little brain; How she longed to pen them down, but there wasn't no time, all in vain.. She had all those thoughts, about writing 'bout the Read More

I love you, Maa

Silence is what dwells upon, Between our relationship so deep bound with the threads of trust and care, It abides by, so fair... Yet what stops me from speaking up about you, Ma, is what I still Read More

Waiting for a final Return

She had been used to working for him- listening to his tantrums all day, and night. Whenever the sun would rise, she had to be ready with a cup of tea, and biscuits for him, she had to tidy up his Read More


As the daylight curbs in a shell, I feel something ain't well, As if that joyous smile I had, I feel, I am missing so bad.. As if those burdens falling upon our shoulders, Had been for so long, that Read More


I am the ice, melting by the slightest touch, underneath the arms which with so much warmth, provide a companionship, ready to give up my thousand lives, ready to be born again, and melt Read More

Out of the Blue

Those unheard words I heed attention to, mingled deep into the world somewhere, out of the blue, thoughts arise, as I wake up and rise amidst the darkness to show up myself as the only light Read More

Drawn into Love

Deep is the love, with which I bind my emotions, the relation so sweet Perhaps, more than the sugar, sometimes bitter as the guard- With memories together, and those leg-pulls I relate to someone, Read More

The Little Beggar

She took out a five rupee coin and put it in the first pocket of her handbag, getting down the bus. She would need it for the next time she goes up to the little gramin sewa cars to move a few Read More

The Powerful Sun to whom we Pray...

Attempting to show itself, amidst the fog, the sun tries, with all its might, To spread the rays of hope to the log lying beneath, looking towards the proudy wood, It struggles hard, to spread few Read More

Who Brings the Change?

A beginning- they call it. A beginning of a New Year, As they dance about in joy, with a happy tear- burning in the chilling winter in the fire of excitement, in the glow of the thousand Read More

As Clock Strikes 12

The night falls like the dark curtain, sight disturbed by the heavy fog, The coldness sends a shiver, down the spine, And yet we wait with drinks, some wine; Till the hands of the clock keep Read More

As She Wrote to Me... (not a love story :P)

As I was lazily sitting in the chair, reflecting upon some of my deep thoughts-as the thoughtful being I was, my whatsapp vibrated. I remembered messaging Sania Di for some petty stupid reason. I Read More

Her Sorrows

With what thought did she plead you to be there for her, to form a "together we?" When you had her abandoned, loved once but in vain, and now her tears are nowhere to be seen. So deep was the hurt, Read More

A Young Hope

That place were for the rich young girls and boys who would never find a perfect place to chill out in the whole college compound. As the afternoon would approach, they would call each other and sit Read More

Contrast: Rich life vs. Poor

The mansion was tall, with wide lanes, luxurious, with white marbles and shining panes, with a perfection so unique, and mesmerising And a perfect window to capture the perfect view of the sun Read More


Who am I, to sit by your side, in utter emptiness, just hoping you to please, letting my own emotions freeze, for what dear? Do i awake all night, wanting just a sight, which to you is unfair, not Read More

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