The Unmarried Bride... When life teaches tough lessons!

By - Riya Bagchi in Fiction
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Published on: 17th Jan, 2013

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Dedicated to bookworm Tanisha, my parents, and book-lovers, And last but not the least, a special friend ;) The Unmarried Wife …When life teaches tough lessons   Special Thanks to my parents and groomers, who taught me English, and made my language use strong enough to write another book, thanks to my friends for encouraging me as soon as they came to know about my intensions, and of course, not to forget, to my special friend, who supported me a lot in my work. ~Riya Bagchi, Author of One-fourth of my Life. PART-1 Reunion   Daydreams and Memories She was so happy that fine day. Dressed in her shabby Ghaghara-choli as was the custom of her village in an ordinary small city in India, she felt she looked perfect enough to imp

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Part-1, Distractions

Being a teenager, you're bound to make mistakes, especially with parents who don't believe in educating their girl child.
Set in the rural background, this story revolves around a young girl "Pankhudi" and her dreams of getting married to her childhood sweetheart, who makes promises of staying with her forever, no matter what.
Is reality all about dreams, or a harsher truth? Does life always is about love, and all promises so true?
Read the bittersweet story of life to find out.

Written by: Sophia Green   ∣   Added:   March 12th, 2013

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